What the baby read: Weather & Zoos


Now Athena is becoming a lot more interested in books I’m seeking out titles that are more interactive for her. Pop up books are still not quite safe to be left with her for solo ‘reading’ sessions but good for our before bed reading times when we’re together. These two books were sent to us by Egmont publishing for us to enjoy together and review.


IMG_6746 IMG_6745IMG_6743
Weather: a pretty awesome pop up book, it’s actually impressive how everything is stuck in so it leaps right out of the page! Although Athena doesn’t yet really understand what I’m reading to her I know it’s something that will help us to teach her about the weather in the future, but for now she loves the pictures and the different things that leap out at her from the pages. There is another title called ‘Things that Go’ too, from the same illustrator, Nicola Killen.
Old MacDonald had a Zoo is a lift the flap book, so also needs careful supervision so nothing gets ripped! gorgeous imagery and a new twist on an old favourite, as Old MacDonald has sold his farm in exchange for a Zoo! i’m sure this will be something Athena will love to read along with me when she can, but for now I love singing to words to her, and lifting the flaps. The flaps are printed on both sides and are stuck in in such a way that they change the picture on the page, first time I’ve ever seen this! There is also a maze on the inside front cover too (took me two attempts to trace it correctly with my finger!)
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What have you been reading with your little one lately?

6 thoughts on “What the baby read: Weather & Zoos

  1. Ah these look so lovely! As soon as she gets a bit bigger I’ve got a whole list of titles you need to read together. I think I actually love picture books more than adult books now, they so often end up a piece of art as well as a story!
    Carrie xx


  2. We live the baby owl books by Jonathan Allen. In the last couple of weeks sprog has really started recognising the characters in the pictures and he wants to touch and feel them. Also means he’s started to get into the touchy feely books too!

  3. What cute books! One of my favourite things to do is read stories with our reception children at school! I love going totally over the top with it and doing all the silly voices- surprisingly they sit in total silence enthralled when I’d think they’d go hyper!x

  4. What gorgeous books. I am always on the look out for new ones for our collection, and I am definitely going to add these to the list. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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