Dirty blondes & blindfolds


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  Last Tuesday I spent the evening mostly blindfolded, with a glass of wine in one hand and a spoonful of unidentified food in the other… why? I was ‘Dining in the dark’ at Dirty Blonde in Brighton.

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I was invited along to the battle of the bloggers, and the idea was to feed us 10 tasters from their menu, spanning all courses and get us to answer questions about the food and drink. I tell you now, it is ODD eating food without being able to see it, it really changes the experience of eating when you can’t see the food! It meant that I touched (well, squished and prodded as best I could) everything, and gave it a good sniff too!


The food was presented on large spoons, Lyndsay (of Fizzy Peaches) was my partner in crime for the evening and there were a few dishes with meat in she couldn’t eat and she reliably informs me that even though the diners couldn’t see what they were eating that they were well presented too! Alas, I didn’t win the quiz, but I reckon did it alright though my liquor identifying skills are clearly lacking these days! My favourite of the tasters was definitely the Macaroni Cheese, and the raspberry and chocolate cheesecake definitely needs a full sized taste in the near future, it was delicious!

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I told Sam about the cocktails so he wants to go back and try them out for himself soon, so perhaps this will be the venue for out next date night! In fact in a previous guise (Madam Geishas) this was were we had the staff Christmas party where we kissed for the first time! It’s amazing how different the place looks, the toilets are really spacious and the detail that has gone into the decor from start to finish is so impressive. There is even a little ‘pawn shop’ that sells all manner of curiosities that you pass through on the way in!


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We carried on soaking up the atmosphere after the blindfolds came off, and even the bill for our wine came in a gorgeous silver box, I do love a good finishing touch!

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Dirty Blonde is just off the seafront tucked away down East Street, perfect for an evening stroll along the beach after dinner, which is exactly what we did! They’re open late for drinks too, so you could happily spend a whole evening there!


Pretty eh?

Here are Dirty Blondes links if you fancy a visit: TWITTER  @blindfrederick  FACEBOOK facebook.com/DirtyBlondeBrighton INSTAGRAM instagram.com/blindfrederick

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  1. I agree, the macaroni cheese was my favourite too! How on earth did you manage to get a photo of the actual food? You peeked! A great review and a lovely blog, hope to see you again so we can have a chat :o)

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