What happens in your house on Halloween?

Halloween is a big deal in many households these days, especially if you’ve got kids who love the idea of dressing up in their scariest fancy dress outfit. This pagan tradition is something we all get involved in, in one way or another.

Pumpkin/cat/pumpkinby scragz

Halloween pumpkins – express your creativity

Part of the fun is in the preparation – getting the kids’ costumes (and maybe yours too) together, and making some fun Halloween food and snacks.     


Then, of course, there’s how you plan to spend the evening itself…

Go trick or treating Whether they’re a witch or wizard, devil or ghost, most kids will probably be really excited about going out trick or treating with their friends. Thanks to the change in the clocks, darkness falls pretty early in the UK, so you can go out trick or treating at about 5pm in your local neighbourhood and still be home in time for the usual bath and bed routine. Of course, there’s the small problem of all those sweeties to deal with – but as long as you set a limit of how much of their Halloween haul can be consumed before bed, you shouldn’t have too many sugar-rush behaviour problems to deal with!


Stay in and give out the treats

If your kids are really little, the likelihood is that you’ll be staying in and answering the door to older trick or treaters, so make sure you have a good stock of treats on hand – you never know how many people will be calling. It’s a good idea to get some pumpkins carved and ready earlier in the day so that you can have them sitting glowing on your gatepost or in one of your front windows – the unwritten code to let trick or treaters know that they’re welcome to ring on your doorbell. If your children aren’t quite old enough to go out trick or treating, handing out sweets and other treats to an array of costumed callers can be lots of fun for them. They can still dress up in their favourite outfits and you can all stay cosy and warm indoors rather than having to head out into the dark and cold.

After the kids’ bedtime, get in touch with your spiritual side

If all goes to plan, it needn’t be a late night for the kids, which leaves you with the question of what you’re going to do for the rest of the evening. There probably isn’t a more perfect night in the year for trying out a psychic reading than Halloween, when we’ve all got thoughts about ghosts and spirits from ‘the other side’ on our minds. It must be one of the busiest nights of the year for mediums and psychic readers.

What’s in a reading?

If you’ve never had a medium reading, you may wonder what it’s all about and whether it’s right for you. Basically, you can discuss anything with a psychic. It may be that you have a particular problem or dilemma that you want to think through – and a reading with a psychic can help you do that. Perhaps you want to know what to do about your career – are you at a point where you need to make a decision and don’t know what the right choice is? Or maybe you have some concerns about a relationship or friendship. There are lots of different sorts of psychic readings. Some people enjoy the visual aspect of a tarot card reading, while others might be interested in having an angel reading or speaking to a clairvoyant. You can find out more about different types of medium readings at TheCircle, a website that can put you into contact with over 300 different psychic readers. It’s possible to have a reading online, on skype or email, or over the phone.

Whichever type of reading you choose, it will enable you to look at your life from a third-person perspective and this makes it easier for you to understand the journey of your life up until that point, how you’ve come to be where you are, and also to look forward, to understand what direction different decisions will lead you to in the future.

It may be that you have no particular issues or problems to think about and that you’re just curious to see what a psychic reading can reveal. If it’s something you’ve been thinking about trying, then a night like Halloween is a great opportunity to give it a go.

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