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I’m so pleased to introduce another local-to-me baby brand this week for ‘what the toddler wore’! Babyzoo is a brand concocted and developed by Karen who turned her hand to kids fashion after working in womenswear and bridal design.

The new debut collection is available on etsy right now, with plans to develop a website in the near future. The designs are just amazing, vivid colours and bold, realistic animal shapes. No cartoony images or pastels which I absolutely love!


My favourite animals are penguins, always have been and always will be so of course Athena has picked up on this love too and was over the moon when she saw her new T shirt! (then it will be handed down to Arlo of course, as it’s a completely unisex design!)

       babyzoo babyzoo babyzoo

All the Babyzoo items are made in England with soft cotton, no labels to itch, even those are hand printed! Dyes are carefully sourced to be toxin free and the printing process means that the animals bind to the fabric rather than sitting on top, promising longevity!

Long sleeved vests, T shirts and lightweight hoodies perfect for layering, available in black and white with a veritable zoo load (get it?) of animals available! Puffins, Zebras, Giraffes and a seasonally appropriate reindeer are just a few of the animals that Karen has designed for the range, and i’m really looking forward to seeing how she develops the brand going forward!

Browse the range: Babyzoo on Etsy

Twitter: @BabyZooUK & Instagram: @BabyZooUK


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  1. Fab! I’ve been stalking BabyZoo on Instagram this week when I noticed she was a Brighton girl 🙂 So many gorgeous things! Love the penguins, and they will be perfect for Arlo!

    Thanks for linking up to #FunkyKidFriday xx

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