What I wore: Penguins riding Camels

IMG_1368 IMG_1359

Tunic: Asos. Jeans: Topshop. Shoes: New Look.

Alas the only useable photos both had an ‘arm on hip’ pose, sorry! That’s what happens when you take your snaps at a Garden centre full of old people buying Christmas trees. I bought this tunic from Michelle’s twitter sale so she gave it to me when we met up last weekend. It’s comfy and easy to throw on over jeans (and is long enough to crotch cover so leggings would be an option too!) and has the added bonus of being so oversized it hides ALL SINS! I am in love with the suede shoes, reduced from £22.99 to £10 in Newlook, what a bargain! I can’t really wear heels anymore (so old) but I love pointed flats, and the buckle detail on these won me over instantly! I would also like to point out I had a cardi and a coat and scarf for most of the day!

IMG_1380 IMG_1382

My bracelet was a gift from lovely Erin, and the necklace is a really simple charm necklace from my Freedom @ Topshop advent calendar. I was sent it at the end of November and it’s been a proper struggle not to open ahead of the right date, though I do admit once or twice I’ve been up after midnight and opened it early! There are some lovely bits in there, including some nice stud earrings which is a good thing as babies like to pull dangly ones out!

Last Monday we decided we’d have a little tour of some of the Garden centres round here, and ended up visiting three! I took a few pictures as we strolled around, as I bloody love Garden centres! The pet department and the ‘over priced gifts that people will never actually use’ department are my favourites.

20131209_124010 20131209_124323 20131209_124649

I wasn’t allowed to buy this polar bear! Or a tortoise! Athena was enthralled with the rabbits though!

20131209_125409 20131209_142608

The tackiest things I’ve seen in a while, and penguins riding camels… who knew?


Tinsel-head baby! Just because…

3 thoughts on “What I wore: Penguins riding Camels

  1. I love how grumpy Athena looks with that tinsel on her head 😛 I too am a huge fan of garden centres – we should visit one together 😉

    Thank you for linking up to #TWTWI xx

  2. I love your top, you are wearing. That’s so pretty. Penguins on Camels. Very bizarre! 🙂
    Popped over from Make Do and Push! 🙂

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