What not to look for when choosing a home…

Looking for a new home can be stressful at the best of times, and although we’re not looking to move imminently that doesn’t stop me looking and when we were looking at places to buy before we found where we are now we saw some funny places. Bathrooms you could only access through the kitchen, places with gardens you couldn’t see from the house and other odd things! There were also a few things that I would have immediately turned down; for example if there was no room to put a bath in a bathroom – I’d hate a place that only had a shower! I’m still a huge fan of wasting my own time browsing properties online, Mitula is especially good as you can look by city, and then even look for a job in the area where you find your dream house!

I asked for some house viewing horror stories, so if you’re currently on the hunt read on if you dare!

We went to view a house and had to just poke our heads round the bedroom doors as the teenage children where all still asleep. It was gone 11am. Safe to say, we didn’t buy what we couldn’t view!

I went to view a house and it didn’t have a kitchen. Just a corridor with a small sink and microwave. 

My friends went to view a house recently. The lady of the house showed them into the master bedroom where there was a larger than life sized mural of said lady, naked! They made their excuses and left!

When we were looking, we entered this house and it stunk of cats! When we got to the kitchen there was about 10 cats wondering around, on the table and on the worktop. It made me feel sick with the smell. We couldn’t get out of there fast enough!

went to view a house that was a real bargain for its size! Surrounded by countryside and beautiful views! Only downside was it was fairly close to a prison.. they got to their viewing with their 3 year old twins only to discover it was WITHIN the prison grounds and the ‘low security’ prisoners came to do their gardening for them once a week

We viewed one that was just awful. Dirty, stuff everywhere. At first I thought the garden was ok, but then I saw what appeared to be bike handle bars growing out of the lawn. Closer inspection revealed it was a bike in a pond. A pond I nearly walked into because the water was as green as the grass!

as we came to leave, I went to open the front door and the handle came off in my hand. The estate agent had to climb out of the living room window so he could let us out. He then asked if it was the house for us!

And a few things that would really put people off purchasing or renting a house…

After living in a house with shared parking! I genuinely couldn’t buy a house that didn’t have its own drive, as shared parking was a stressful nightmare (I’d got a 4 year old and newborn twins!) 

Having lived in some terribly damp places, any sign of damp would put me off a house.

What would put me off a house is no parking

When the so-called advertised 4th bedroom isn’t in fact a bedroom but more a closet! It’s terrible how they try to pass off such tiny rooms as a bedroom, some barely have room for a bed let alone a bed, wardrobe and toys!

We went to view a house where the only toilet was down stairs, separate to the bathroom which was up stairs and it didn’t have a sink in the room!

A huge thanks to the following for giving me their home buying horror stories: mebecomingmum.co.uk. methemanandthebaby.co.uk, arthurwears.com, Twinderelmo.co.uk, lifeloveanddirtydishes.com, whatmummythinks.co.uk, Babyfoote.com, www.rachelbustin.com, oatcakeadventures.com, Islandliving365.com.

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