What the baby wore: cutest penguin EVER!



What is more festive than a baby dressed up as a penguin? Not much! We were very kindly sent a penguin outfit from Time to Dress Up, who have a huge array of dressing up costumes! It took us a little while to decide what to pick, but anyone who knows me knows I love penguins, so that was what we decided on in the end!


Delivery was super fast (as in next day!) and when I opened the package I could tell what good quality the outfit was before even putting it on Athena! The outfit comes with feet separately, a head piece with beak, hat and the main body’. It turns out Athena isn’t to keen on keeping the head part on for too long, but has spent the last few days walking round with the hat on even when she’s in normal clothes! The wings and tail are well designed to hold their shape, but still let your little one keep their hands free.

The feet have a non slip rubber grip on them so perfect for toddling people, and perfect for parties in school/church halls etc, which is a potential for where they’d be wearing it! We’re off to a party on New Years Day and Athena will be rocking her new Penguin outfit for certain! The costume is quite thick but I’ll be popping her in a long sleeved vest underneath just in case the zip rubs, and of course it’s not for sleeping in!

Like I said, there are tonnes of outfits to choose from and if we weren’t a penguin we’d be a Peacock or a Dragon I reckon!



You can follow Time to Dress Up on twitter & facebook to keep up to date with new costumes and special offers!

We were sent a costume of our choice in for the purposes of this unbiased review.

4 thoughts on “What the baby wore: cutest penguin EVER!

  1. Ohhhhhh! Athena is just too cute! Please tell me she’ll be wearing this for Christmas! The dragon one kills me too.. Dressed up babies are the best

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