#WhatMyKidDid – Arlo at 5 months

IMG_4331Well the last month has definitely been the one where Arlo has developed the most so far! He’s a cheeky little thing and is just awesome. So here’s a 5 month update.

Sleep – this is the only bit I would change, given the option! He is still waking for feeds throughout the night, sometimes twice but often three or four times. To be fair they aren’t horrifically disturbing because I just give him a boob and off I go to sleep again! He generally sleeps for 4 or 5 hours at the start of the night. Napping has no schedule whatsoever and longer naps are ones that are in the sling or on my lap.


Doing – this month Arlo has learnt to roll from front to back as he had just learnt the other way last month. He’s also ‘crawling’ backwards only it’s not really crawling properly more like pushing up on his arms and then shooting his legs backwards. He can cover the whole of the living room with a combination of these movements though so nothing is sacred and I definitely can’t leave him on the sofa any more! He spends most of his time looking like he’s skydiving (See above!) and from memory I think Athena was still pretty much hating tummy time at this age, whereas Arlo loves it and prefers to be on his belly, I assume because he sleeps on it but who knows? His hand eye coordination is a lot better too this month.

He’s happy to spend time on his play mat and his chair for slightly longer periods of time, but does still need almost constant interaction to prevent wails! Athena can often be coaxed into playing with him, or at least playing with whatever she’s currently obsessed with in front of him so he can watch. He’s sitting for a second or two at a time but definitely nothing to write home about on that front just yet, just a lot of face plants!

Food – Still just breastfeeding. We spent a fraught two weeks trying to get him to take a bottle but gave up. We tried 8 different types of bottles/cups and even tried formula to see if he preferred that to expressed milk. Nope, he likes he from the original source only. It means I can’t be away from him for long and I am really hoping that when we start weaning next month that he will learn to use a beaker at some point too!


Teeth – still just the bottom two he got at three and a half months but a lot of chewing on anything and everything, including feet! I’ve not had to give him anything for it other than an amber necklace as, like Athena he doesn’t seem to be suffering too much and generally a feed helps.

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12 thoughts on “#WhatMyKidDid – Arlo at 5 months

  1. Awww Arlo is sooooo cute. Love the picture of him during tummy time, it looks like he’s sky diving. Rowan absolutely hated tummy time at that age so it’s lovely to see a baby actually enjoying it.

    Also can’t believe he’s got teeth already, that’s amazing!

    Thanks again for the reminder of this linky 😀

    Laura x

  2. What a great idea for a linky, really excited to link up for the first time!

    I remember the skydiving phase, it’s so cute 🙂 Arlo looks adorable, his little chubby legs, bless him! I managed to convince T to take a bottle after a lot of persuasion at about the same age, but a friend of mine could never get her son to take a bottle (but he did manage a sippy cup… just). It’s so hard when they’re completely reliant on you, isn’t it?

  3. Aww your baby is so cute!! It looks like he is doing very well for his 5 months!! My daughter Sienna never liked the bottle. I tried everything. She only wanted my boobs!! Actually I’m still breastfeeding her (1 yo). Happy to find your link party! Thanks for hosting and I hope you like my update too, 😉 xx

  4. Arlo is seriously so cute! Sorry to hear that he didn’t take from any of the bottles after 🙁
    Good to hear he is loving tummy time, Aria hates it, I’m beginning to think she will never crawl because I can’t keep her there long enough, she sometimes rolls onto her stomach and sleeps there, when she wakes up in the morning she screams real bad, why she just doesn’t roll back over I don’t know!

  5. He is so handsome – I love his expressions! I can’t believe how mobile he is for 5 months. I’ve just about seen T roll onto his side, lazy boy. I love that our babies are so close together – I always forget and wonder why everything you’re reporting is so similar! Haha!

    Really sorry to hear he hasn’t taken to any bottles, he obviously has a taste for fine dining! Glad to hear the amber is working, though – I really missed a trick with that one as it’s been hell for us!

    Kate x

  6. He’s such a cutie. My niece hated bottles and it took my sister in law ages to find one she would take. In the end she went to work and just left my brother with a bottle and formula and she had no choice but to drink it! I crawled backwards before forwards when I was a baby… all the cool kids do! Let me know if you want help hosting the linky 🙂 xxx

  7. We found exactly the same that Oscar seemed to develop a lot during his 5 month. It only continues though and month 6 has been even more crazy! I love their cute little attempts at crawling, but he will soon be up and off and everything in sight will have to put up on shelves etc. Do you find that the amber bead necklaces help with teething? I am a bit sceptical but would like to try them if they help.

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