I’ve mentioned before that I am slightly dreading the our first family flight in January next year. It will be the first flight for both our children, and although it’s a fairly short one it will involve a lot of snow gear plus a 10 month old and a 2 year old! Eek! We’re flying out of Gatwick which is great for us as it is so close to home, but the travelling around in the airports either side could be the problematic bit! Step in Trunki, the perfect way for you to transport your toddler, at the same time as them transporting everything they need to keep them happy on a flight or in a waiting lounge!

If you’ve not heard of Trunki before then take a look…


Know a little person who would love one? Or know a grown up that would benefit from their little person having one? Well luckily I am running an awesome giveaway in conjunction with Gatwick ParkingΒ and Trunki! They are offering a fantastic prize of a Trunki Summer bundle (in pink or blue) and a set of JVC Kids Headphones, worth a combined total of Β£85!



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  1. You are much braver than us to be going abroad on holiday! I doubt we will get much further than Centreparcs for many years to come!!

  2. What’s your top trip for travelling with kids? . . . . . . be prepared – have a list of activities / things to do your mee a listmory will not help you if you don’t hav

  3. Have some food and drinks with you, also some games, music or iPad to keep them entertained. Also a sing song always keeps everyone happy x

  4. Get a portable DVD player or tablet , plenty of dvd’s and games , weill keep them busy while traveling and happy if they get a little bored while on holiday

  5. My little girl turned 3 last week and she has already been to 3 different countries. I always take new books to keep her occupied in the flight and some of her fav toys. We went to Sri Lanka which was 12 hr flight journey but we didn’t have any problems with her as she was busy doing colouring and playing with sticker. and when I travel I always look for hidden play areas in Air ports. which keeps them busy and when they get in to the flight they are really tired.

  6. Ipad/Tablet/Laptop – Something to keep them amused and which you can also use if they just so happen to fall asleep!!

  7. always have your child’s fav blanket, snuggle toy, fav book, colouring crayons, colouring book, a drink, a snack and favourite cartoons downloaded onto your phone all put discreetly into their own little journey rucksack πŸ™‚
    oh and don’t leave it on the bus from airport to your resort or your daughter will throw a tantrum and cry for at least 2 hours( experienced !).

  8. Ideally have a Responsible Adult who can sit with them. As that adult can occupy the children with activities such as colouring in with crayons and colouring in books. Pass them a drink etc.

  9. I must say some favourite food a good long colouring book and a story or two to keep them engaged. Also see what you can spot out the windows! It’s so engaging!

  10. Have a grab bag for plane, food, change of clothes for you and them, buy some new inexpensive toys and introduce them sparingly during the flight. Bottle for take off and landing for baby incase of sore ears. That’s what we done!

  11. Make sure you have drinks in the car. The bottles/cups will come in handy when you’re in standstill traffic & your LO needs a wee!!
    We’re going to Japan in November, it will be our sons first time on a plane & it’s for 12 hours! I plan on taking my iPad, his iPad, books, pens, lots of snacks (if I’m allowed), toys and whatever else I can fit into my bag (or this if I win) πŸ˜€ xx

  12. Give them a simple map of your journey with things to look out for on the way. They can mark progress and see where the next service station/town/landmark will be. Makes them feel involved and not just a passenger.

  13. We just travelled to Egypt and it was fine as long as they were occupied, sun creamed up and drank plenty πŸ˜€

  14. pack a small bag for your child with snacks, toys to keep them entertained and anything else you might need easy access to x x

  15. pack jammies and toothbrushes if you think it may be a very long day.. so if they do fall asleep they can be put to be asleep and already for bed!

  16. Be prepared and get organised well in advance! Forgetting to pack teddy may seem like a small thing but can result in a massive meltdown! Also give yourself plenty of time to get to the station / airport. You never know when you will encounter delays and the stress of missing a flight or train can upset the children. Finally, have fun and relax and don’t forget to take lots of fun family photos.

  17. I have a magic bag of bits and pieces little toys books etc they haven’t seen before -I shop at a charity shop before the journey and buy a few bits and bobs -pop them in the magic bag for releasing at intervals during the journey .I also have a list of games such as the car colour game and the pub legs game to get all the family involved. make a journey fun its a precious quality family time

  18. I make up a little Treat Box. Pound Shops are great for this. A new little toy, stickers, crayons, coloring books (the small ones). Then every time I need a distraction, treat or reward I pull something out.

  19. My parents used to do the long drive to our holiday overnight. They’d pack us up in our pajamas and we’d sleep through the whole journey! What’s better was – the motorways were clear!

  20. Bring little snacks and some activities for them to do. The pound shops and party favor sections of stores are great places to find small activities that are easily transported.

  21. A visit to the PoundShop is a great way to stack up on activities, Colouring books and activity packs, and sticker albums, and crayons. Also, i downloaded lots of youtube videos to my phone to watch on the plane in flight mode. Also plenty of sweets and juice. (And a wrist strap for in busy airports)

  22. I think the best tip is don’t do it!!

    But an early night the night before. Colouring books and crayons for the journey and lots of water to drink

  23. My children were 2 and 3 for their first flight – to Florida – we drove to the Alps with them ages 1 and 2 – I think we’re nuts – the drive to Alps was actually okay – lots of stops for weewees and playing were needed for us all – we listened to music (adult and kids) listened to story CDs, and had books and snacks. The flight was horrible, my son kept screaming, hated having his belt on for some reason and I got lots of filthy looks from people far too miserable to be going to Orlando!!

  24. Take lots of games, books etc but don’t give them all at once. Each time they get bored present them with a different activity

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