#WhatMyKidDid – Arlo at 6 months

IMG_5084I am amazed at how speedily the last six months have gone. Half a year as a family of four, yet in some ways it seems like Arlo has always been here! The first six months of Athenas life were a lot more relaxed, sometimes we didn’t leave the house for a few days, we just sat watching netflix and feeding on the sofa. But life with two under two will always be different, an energetic toddler means the newborn gets popped in the sling and life carries on as normal!  There’s a new #WhatMyKidDid Link up at the bottom of the post for October, but first an Arlo update.


Sleeping – still no real routine which is fine by me. Generally if we’re up and out of bed at around half six in the morning Arlo will have a very short feed-to-sleep nap of about half an hour to 45 minutes on me on the sofa around 9am is, but sometimes this gets skipped completely depending on what we’re up to! If I can time things right Arlo and I have a nap together whilst Athena naps for a couple of hours, and sometimes he will sleep past her waking up which is always an unexpected bonus! Sometimes there will be another nap in the afternoon in the sling or on the sofa with me close by. The bedtime feed starts once Athena is in bed at 7pm and can last anywhere form 45 minutes to twice that and I will have to go back in and feed him at least twice before I hit the hay at midnight! He then has 2 or 3 feeds between midnight and 6am. He’s sleeping either in bed with us or in the cotbed which is missing a side and pushed right up to our bed.

Feeding – We started weaning last week! I’d had enough of him grabbing at my food so we let him have his own and so far so good. I’ll write a separate post about Baby Led Weaning at some point soon. He’s still breastfed at all other times and I just wrote a post about that yesterday! Still refusing bottles too… including beakers etc!

Teeth: Two top teeth have joined the bottom that we already had, although bizarrely it’s not the centre teeth that have arrived first, it’s the ones either side! A bit grouchy when they arrived, but he’s calmed down a little now although still wanting to chew on everything! I bought some anbusol liquid and it does seem to work better than teething gel did when I used it on Athena when she was his age, I swear most of it came back out on your finger! I’ve only given him calpol once so far as the last time he had it in hospital he was really sick after so I’m a little wary, plus there’s nothing a boob can’t fix!

Doing: So as of just before he turned 5 months he was rolling in both directions and now he can sit unaided. So with a combination of those and his weird backwards worm wriggling he can get pretty much wherever he wants to now! A few times he’s pushed himself right up on his arms but no proper crawling yet! Which is fine by me because then nothing will be safe! Him sitting unaided makes life so much easier though because I can pop him down with a few toys and he’ll happily play for a while whilst I do something with Athena or put washing away! His hand eye coordination has got a lot better over the last month too. His favourite activities are emptying out his discovery basket and turning in circles on the rug!


It’s really hard for me not to compare Athena and Arlo in terms of ‘doing it first’ as of course they’re both different but they’re my only experience of babies doing things at all really! This is Athenas 6 month update (you can tell she was my first, I had so much more time and even did a cute infographic!) But so far I think the main differences are:

  • Arlo got teeth 4 weeks earlier than Athena, 17 weeks vs 21 for her
  • Athena sat unaided at 4.5 months and Arlo at 5 months 1 week
  • Weaning: Both started around 5.5 months but Athenas first tastes were from a spoon
  • I can’t remember when Athena rolled but I think it was about the same time
  • Athena weighed 16.5lbs at 6 months and Arlo weighs over 19lb!

So, onto October’s #WhatMyKidDid
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9 thoughts on “#WhatMyKidDid – Arlo at 6 months

  1. It’s amazing how fast they grow and what they achieve.

    It’s funny, I’ve literally just published my September Month of Firsts post, which I used to do as a linky and it never got off the ground despite interest from people, so I’ve given it up. I’d definitely be interestedin co-hosting in future.

  2. Arlo is to cute! Gorgeous pictures.

    We did baby led weaning with Rowan (well we still are). But he wasn’t interested in any solids until he was 8.5 months old, he just wouldn’t try anything. He was a complete milk monster.

    I love that you’ve been able to compare certain milestones that both Athena and Arlo have achieved and when. It just shows that all babies are different and will achieve things when they are good and ready.

    Thanks for hosting again lovely.


    Laura x

  3. Arlo is doing so well! I’m glad the weaning is going well and I’m loving the comparison.

    I’ve got Aria’s 7 month update going up tomorrow so will try my very best to remember to come and link it up, I’ve put the badge on my post ready so it will be a shame if I forget haha!

  4. Lovely to see how he is getting on, especially with having a 6 month old myself! Sounds like he is so much fun and there are some fab photos. All three of mine have been so completely different in when they do things you just can’t compare. It makes it so much easier when they can sit doesn’t it. Look forward to next months update!

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