#WhatMyKidDid – Arlo is ONE!

IMG_7036My baby is one! It simultaneously feels like he only just arrived, but yet has been with us for ever. He’s a cheeky and demanding little thing and is growing and changing every day. He’s so very different from his sister in almost every way, has a smile that lights up the room and a scream that can fill it too!

When it comes to sleeping there really isn’t much going on, and even less as we’ve moved and been so busy, we used to come home and nap together after playgroups but they’re on Easter Hiatus and we’ve been really busy packing and unpacking etc. Arlo still needs to be breastfed to sleep or to be in a sling! He still sleeps in bed with us (although he was a cot pushed up to the side of the bed, he’s rarely ever in it!) and feeds on and off throughout the night.


Eating is coming along nicely, he’s still nowhere near three meals a day and some days just refuses everything but he is willing to try more things and has even been happy to drink cows milk from a beaker, although he won’t hold it himself, nor will he entertain the idea of drinking from a bottle either! Favourite foods are yoghurt, raisins and chilli con carne! I’m trying to make a concious effort to cut down on boob feeds during the day, distract rather than always offer it but it’s not going very well as he’s very reliant on boob milk for comfort, thirst (As he doesn’t use a beaker himself yet) and when he’s upset or tired. I’m still happily feeding him in public too.


Arlo isn’t walking, and only stands for a few seconds at a time before crumpling down and his left foot turns inwards slightly too. I mentioned this to our GP when we were there for something else and he’s sent of a referral but said normally these things sort themselves out on their own. Interestingly the midwife who discharged us thought he might have a slightly wonky foot and then changed her mind and it wasn’t picked up at the 6 week check or by any of the HV checks either. I’m more than happy to wait for the walking to happen of course, as I think he’ll be our last baby so I don’t want him to grow up too soon! He’s climbing up on the sofa, walking across the floor upright on his knees and also can go downstairs (backwards) as well as up now so he can pretty much get wherever he wants to go!


It’s so strange to think about him being so small, my timehop app today and yesterday are full of pictures of this tiny baby who looks nothing like the now almost-toddler that is asleep next to me as I write this! I’m so excited to seem him learn and develop, he’s been playing with his birthday presents and already he’s mastered the skills to make them go/fall/work!

Over to the #WhatMyKidDid linky, which will be my last month hosting! Although I have absolutely loved this linky since I started it a year ago I won’t be doing monthly updates for Arlo going forwards as quite often not a lot happens for a month or so, instead i’ll do them every six months. I am handing the reins over to my lovely and very pregnant friend Hannah at Budding Smiles who will be taking over running #WhatMyKidDid! Please go over and say hello and continue to link up with her next month, and a huge thank you to everyone who has joined in over the last year!


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4 thoughts on “#WhatMyKidDid – Arlo is ONE!

  1. Happy Birthday, Arlo!!!! I hope you had a wonderful day.

    Brilliant news about his appetite, we have a chilli con carne lover here too! Teething can’t have helped matters. New home, new appetite!

    I think I’ll follow your lead when it comes to boobing as I have no idea how I’m going to slowly cut it out. It’s very much his way of getting to sleep despite the fact he may have had a big meal beforehand!

    I’ve really enjoyed linking up every month, I’ll be sad to let it go but with work around the corner I doubt I’ll keep up. Plus, who does 13, 14, or 15 month updates?

    Thanks for all your updates, I’ve really enjoyed reading them. X

  2. I hope Arlo had a wonderful birthday, I can’t believe a year has gone by already! I’m looking forward to having a go at running #WhatMyKidDid!xx

  3. I can’t believe Arlo is one already – I can remember him being born and it definitely doesn’t seem like it was a year ago. I hope his sleeping improves for you soon, hopefully now you’re all moved things might settle down a bit. Thanks for hosting, and I’ll enjoy linking up with Hannah next month.

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