Why Responsive Web Design is Important to your Business

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 You may have heard the term responsive web design but not entirely sure how that would relate to your business right now.  Here’s the lowdown…

The What

Having a responsive website is the work of a professional developer to design a website to automatically resize to fit any size screen for any device it is viewed on, from tablets to mobile phones. It is considered an absolute necessity with most businesses searched for via the use of mobile internet searches.

With the world evolving to the point where internet presence is key to success in business, the online world plays an even bigger part in customer demands and satisfaction. This in turn requires your website to be compatible with numerous browsers, devices and screen sizes over both landscape and portrait settings to ensure those clients and customers are not put off by a service that seems behind the times technologically.

The How

To make your content readable and easy to navigate, responsive web design scales the site to the actual screen size to present a suitable format.

Smartphones would generally display the website vertically whereas a tablet could present two columns to read from to prevent the requirement of horizontal scrolling on a website using flexible grids to size the proportions of the pages elements.

Images and other forms of media on your website would also be resized in order to prevent the cropping or distortion of images and layout design. Everything is built to optimize the viewing experience over many different devices from home computers to laptops to mobile devices.

With over 50% of internet traffic being conducted via the use of mobile phones, many companies enable users to contact the company via the browser for simpler use and even larger conversion rates.  Responsive web design also prevents long loading times that unresponsive websites have regular difficulties overcoming.

The Expected

 In contemplating upgrading to responsive website design, you can consider why the potential customers find it so appealing.  Generally people hate to have to scroll through a website so it should be catered for by having the most important content for your website at the very top of the page. Also, having all of your content draped over long text sections is a turn off, so you would want to look into breaking up into sections with titles and images that help the viewer quickly determine the area they want to head to straight away.

Instead of having your clients fill out long winded text boxes, choose something more interactive like bullet point forms which keeps clients engaged. In truth there are many elements and exercises that can make your website more pleasurable, as Stockport website design firms have been at the forefront of achieving for businesses.

Responsive web design is among the chief priorities in user experience to attract traffic to your website as it helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Responsive websites score higher than non-responsive when it comes to priority on search engines such as Google. This has been a driving force in the implementation of responsive web design within businesses to maximise their potential online.


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