Interiors: Why to consider Glazed Doors

When people think about decorating their home, they are often thinking about what paint samples to try so they can bring light to dark areas. They forget the doors. Doors take up so much space in the home and are used every day, but it is easy to overlook them as they blend with the structure. They can be changed.


If your home is dark and stuffy, internal glazed doors are a simple way to add lasting light. Glazed doors allow natural light to effortlessly travel from room-to-room adding light and warmth to the darkest of spaces.


Glazed doors are normal panelled doors where one or more of the panels have been replaced with glass. This allows natural light to travel through the home long after the residents are sick of the bright yellow hallway that looked so nice and light in the sample but awful once the entire hallway was covered in it.


The windows on glazed doors allow sunlight to travel from one room to the next with no effort. The sunlight brings warmth to even the coldest of rooms on a winter morning without needing to turn up the thermostat.


Glazed doors save money on heating and electricity using natural sunlight. Yellow hallway paint can’t do that and after so long it will look grubby, making the hallway even more claustrophobic than it was to begin with.


Glazed doors create an illusion of space, opening rooms up even with the door and all the noise behind it, firmly shut. The natural light travels through windows in the door with no need to stop separating that space.


As with anything connected with glass, privacy is a concern. Frosted glass is an option. The upstairs hallway is often the place in the home that suffers the most from lack of light. This is often the place in the home with most, if not all, the bedrooms. Not even the most seasoned exhibitionist wants to be on display all the time. With frosted glass options available, bedrooms benefit from all the natural light without the compromise on privacy.


All interior doors in the home  should match for a harmonious and inviting feel. The home should be somewhere to come back to after a tough day and relax. If the doors don’t match, the home can feel chaotic and uncomfortable. Not all doorways are going to want a glazed door. The broom cupboard most likely doesn’t have a window in it and no one wants a view of a cluttered cupboard, even through frosted glass. Pick doors that match in style throughout the house. That way rooms can still benefit from glazed doors while cupboards and their contents are out of sight and out of mind without compromising harmony.

The doors completely alter the appearance of a home. They can create harmony while adding value to the house. The wrong interior doors create chaos and an oppressive atmosphere.


Photo by  Curtis Adams  from  Pexels.     Collaborative post.

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