Why you need to avoid worn out tyres

In places like Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester, the state of the roads put your tyres under a lot of pressure. Potholes can be found in every major town and city in England and Wales. What’s more, in Scotland, some of the urban centres face congestion levels that are as bad as anything you could find in the UK, including London. Of course, stopping and starting traffic wears down tyres more rapidly than should be the case. You’ll find this in the rush hour all over the south east of England including the relatively well-maintained roads of towns like Basingstoke. You can buy tyres in Basingstoke – as well as many other towns throughout the UK – at competitive prices from Point S tyre dealers. Why should you do so?

Risk of Blowout 
Driving over kerbs and potholes means your tyres will become inevitably damaged. By upgrading your tyres, you are at much less risk of facing a dangerous high-speed blowout when you do get on the open road.


Risk of Baldness 
Even if your tyres are street legal and won’t get you in trouble with the police, low tread depth means you cannot stop quickly enough in an emergency. This is especially the case in wet and greasy road conditions.


Risk of Disintegration Older tyres which have been out in sun a great deal will often degrade down to nothing more than exposure to UV light. Some of the cheaper rubber compounds that tyres are made from start to split which can lead to tell-tale bulges in the sidewall. This may indicate that your tyre will simply fall apart even if it doesn’t blow.


Low Pressure 
Tyres in poor condition don’t hold their air pressure as well as new ones. This can mean driving inefficiently because under-inflated tyres need more energy to turn. You end up spending more on fuel for every mile that you drive as a result.


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