20th Century Interior Design Ideas You Should Embrace

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If you’re looking to add some timeless style to your interior design approach in your home, it makes sense to take inspiration from the mid 20th century’s greatest moments. The modernist interior design styles that were so prevalent during this period of history remain appealing to so many people and it’s definitely not hard to see why.

By harnessing these mid-century trends, you can create a design aesthetic in your home that looks fresh and modern even today, while also carrying a timeless and classy style too. It’s a great way of achieving the best of both worlds. Here are some ideas and tips that’ll help you implement this stylistic approach in your home.

Embrace Light and Clean Lines

One of the key parts of mid-century design is light and clean lines. You should try your best to let as much natural light into your home because this really helps achieve what you’re looking for with this design approach. But it’s a good tip no matter what kind of design approach you’re looking to take. Embrace the light and clean lines by keeping things simple and uncomplicated too. You don’t want the space to be dominated by things because then you’ll lose that clean line and bare surface aesthetic.

Play Around with Pastel Colours

One of the things you definitely need to do when implementing a mid-century design in your home is play around with pastel colours. This matters because is a key part of that period’s style. Use two or three colours in a space and see what you can create with pastels. It can be a lot of fun and when you experiment until you get it right, you tend to come out with some amazing outcomes that are understated yet visually impactful at the same time.

Invest in Classic Mid Century Furniture

A huge part of what makes mid century interior design so appealing to so many people is the furniture. It has a very particular style that you’ll recognise the moment you see it. These Mid Century Chairs offer a perfect example of what can be achieved through mid century design and you should certainly think about adding something like this to your home. Mid century coffee tables are also highly sought after and can look fantastic in a modern home.

Choose Unique Light Fixtures

Another aspect of mid century interior design is the unique light fixtures. Choose light fixtures that stand out. You want them to have a big visual impact and to act as a high up focal point in the room. This is what they were made for and many of them look very interesting and futuristic. See if you can find any used options on the second hand market that bring that unique charm. Once in place, your mid century light fixture will stand out a mile and make the space look even more visually impressive.

Don’t be Afraid to Expose Brick and Wood

These days, some people are a little apprehensive about the idea of exposing brick and wood elements in their home. But if you’re looking to achieve a mid 20th century design aesthetic, this isn’t something you need to worry about. Exposed wood floors and brick walls can be incorporated very nicely and very easily into your overall design aesthetic. They can look great and combine well with other modernist design elements.

Use Floral Prints

If you want to be a little more adventurous and play around with some of the more bold aspects of mid century interior design, you should make use of floral prints in your home. They’ll stand out and they can look great as long as you’re not afraid of that bold, eye-catching style. These were a key part of many homes and designs that embraced the modernist style in the middle of the last century.

Make it Fit the Context

Finally, you should think about how you’re going to make all of these things fit their context. Your home is a place that’s quite specific and will have its own quirks and particularities. The context should guide you as you make these decisions so that it all makes sense and feels coherently designed when it’s all done.

You can try any of these ideas in combination. You don’t even have to implement a full mid-century design approach. Many people pick and choose the style elements and ideas they like and add them to their existing interior designs. It’s up to you how you get this right, so play around and have fun with it.

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