4 reasons you might need hourly car insurance

There are a few reasons why hourly car insurance could come in really handy, we’ve had to use it a few times in the past and you’ll find the rates for hourly car insurance are surprisingly affordable!

We had to buy a new (to us) car earlier this month because our main family car decided that second gear wasn’t happening. After a week or so of trying to drive without second gear the garage suggested it would be more cost effective to purchase a new car rather than try and replace the gear box.  So off to Autotrader we went, and managed to find a car being sold privately about 25 miles away. However to test drive it we need to get out a (very!) short term insurance policy, as the owners didn’t have it insured at all, so our main car insurance wouldn’t cover us, even third party.  Sam took out insurance for a single hour to enable him to take the car on a test drive before deciding to buy it.

Of course we then had to declare our broken car off road so we weren’t paying tax on it unnecessarily. A very kind friend offered for us to store it at his house as he has plenty of space, but to get it from our house to his meant another short term car insurance policy as by that time we switched our main insurance policy to our new car. We erred on the side of caution and got a 3 hour policy, to cover us just in case the car broke down on the way there but thankfully we were okay!

Another reason you might need to use hourly car insurance is if you have a sudden need to make a journey but have no car to do it in. If borrowing a car from a friend or family member or even hiring from a site where people rent out their own cars for extra income is an option you still need to arrange car insurance to make sure your trip is full legal should you have an accident.

The final scenario, although there are more that I’ve not mentioned, of course, is if your normal car is a company car but your insurance only covers you for work related trips. If your contract allows you to use the car in your personal time then getting a short term insurance policy for the odd weekend or holiday trip is a great solution.

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