5 Gorgeous Garden Ideas For 2021

We’ve got fingers, toes and anything else crossable crossed that we can build on recent progress in fighting the pandemic, so that our travel horizons in 2021 extend beyond or own back gardenss and high streets and we can mix and mingle freely again with loved ones. However, it might still take until the middle of next year for some sense of normality to return and a little longer for travel corridors to open up worldwide. 

Therefore it’s probably not wise to book your dream trip just yet – but you could choose to focus your energy on making your domestic green space as comfortable and serene as possible ahead of next spring and summer instead. You can buy quality grass seed to give your lawn a refresh, or start a new one and then get your pencil and sketchbook out and make some plans! 

Here are five gorgeous garden ideas for 2021. 

  • Orangery

Orangeries were popular in the 17th to 19th Centuries and these slightly more plush and ornate versions of conservatories still look divine attached to older or retro styled houses. 

If you want to splash out on an airy, ambient, sunlit space to spend family time next year, these edifices are excellent and Vale Garden Houses has a great selection. 

  • Treehouse 

If you’re a fan of Return of the Jedi there’s every chance you’ve fantasised about having your own Ewok village – that might be a bit of a tall order, but why not invest in a terrific treehouse instead.

Unless you’re a DIY dab hand, making your own might be a recipe for disaster, but if you deal with a specialist like Blue Forest, you’ll get a custom build that your kids love (and the perfect place for you to hide from your partner when it’s your turn for housework!).

  • Wooden walkways

Sticking with the sylvan theme, a wooden walkway is an excellent way of creating a sense of flow in a larger garden – for instance, it could connect an area like your treehouse with a lawn or patio, passing pretty plants and shrubs on the way.

Talk to Ormison Wire about the key components – they created something similar for Kew Gardens! 

  • Barbecue pit

If things go well, by next summer your social bubble might include several household groups, so the perfect reunion would be inviting friends and family for a long-overdue catchup barbecue.

But a fire pit is so much more exciting than a typical tin model from a DIY shop – there’s a great step by step guide on building your own on HowStuffWorks. 

  • Garden office

Can’t see yourself returning to the office ever again? In that case, you’ll have to think about securing a dedicated space where you can focus without domestic distractions and this probably won’t be in your home, for various reasons.

How about installing an Eco Pod instead? It’s comfy, stylish, practical and can double as a cosy guest house. 

These five gorgeous garden ideas will make your neighbours green with envy – have fun getting your hands dirty as you create a calm and cathartic household sanctuary. 


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