5 super side-hustles for 2021

Looking for a little pocket money next year? So many of us work from paycheck to paycheck in our current roles and 2021 has been a real eye-opener about the dangers of not being earning enough to create a savings cushion for the time when your once rock solid job becomes much more wobbly and uncertain. 

All things considered, now probably isn’t the time to jack in your current job (at least until you find something better) but you could generate some extra funds with a flexible side-hustle that fits into your lifestyle commitments,

With that in mind, here are five super side hustles for 2021.

  • Delivery person

With the surge in demand for online orders, one sector hiring right now is online food deliveries. You can choose to work from a car, motorbike, or bicycle with most major online delivery companies, hours are flexible and you’re often paid weekly, which can be very convenient.

Sounds good? Take a look at some delivery job FAQs from Just Eat

  • Online personal trainer

With more people than ever searching for ways to keep fit from home, demands for decent online personal trainers is surging. 

If this sounds like a suitable role, you should study for a relevant qualification if you don’t already have one, but also think about developing a niche that attracts certain high value clients, creating a video library of your training programmes and deciding on pricing packages. 

  • Blogger

If you’re already expert in a certain subject and possibly already sharing secrets and dispensing advice informally, the next step is definitely starting to write a blog so that you can share your passion with fellow enthusiasts and the general public and monetise your hobby so that it creates a second income stream. 

There are several ways to become a blogger, but once you’re serious about doing it professionally, talk to an expert website developer like Maratopia about getting your own stylish and SEO-optimised website that helps you climb search engine rankings and connect with customers.  

  • Pro knitting

Fond of knitting and forever crating cosy cardies, jumpers and baby clothes for friends and relatives?

Why not turn pro and sell your creations on an online site such at Etsy? You might make a pretty penny and before you know it, fans on social media will be sending you lucrative commissions. Remember to price your goods appropriately and don’t undervalue your skills and labour.

  • Dog walking

Love canines and find perambulation pretty much the perfect activity? 

Looks like you were born to be a dog-walker – taking other people’s pooches for strolls while their owners are at wok or otherwise occupied can be more lucrative than you might imagine and an added bonus is that you’re also getting exercise and fresh air. 

You can find people looking for good dogwalkers at Care.com – take a look to see if there are any openings near you. 

Follow these five side hustles and you’ll soon be able to save for a rainy day much more easily! 

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