5 Ways to Create a Feng Shui Kitchen Design

A feng shui kitchen is among the trinity rooms in your home that facilitate happiness, health, wealth, and good energy. It is often the place where you and your family gather to nourish yourselves. Apply these Chinese spatial laws of furniture arrangements in your kitchen and bring more good vibes.  Here are a few brilliant ideas on how to go about it.

Add lighting

Decent lighting is a crucial element in the feng shui kitchen. If you have a small working space, invest in mirrors and hanging lights to create an inviting feel. Try LED lighting options instead of fluorescent lighting and increase natural lighting for daytime. Have a kitchen door replacement to allow for sliding doors and install large windows. Alternatively, install a skylight if the other options of natural lighting fail.

Use the right colors

Choose a color palette that fits your taste and creates a comfortable aura for your feng shui kitchen. Some of the suitable feng shui colors you can choose from are:

  • Blue- It complements the red and orange color but tends to counter individuals. Due to its rare nature, it is seen as an appetite stimulator but has a suppressing effect. It equalizes the orange color for balanced energy.
  • Red or orange- These two bring out the joy of dining because most foods incorporate red and orange colors. A budding chef will enjoy large appetites from those consuming the food.
  • Earthly tones- Feng shui kitchens use earthly tones such as tan or olive instead of black. Black shrinks the space and is considered dramatic, depressing, isolating, and cold.

Consider the layout

Your kitchen layout should be inviting and symbolize wealth. Your stove and fridge are significant items in the kitchen and should be placed wisely to give it a wealthy look. Consider the layout of your cabinets, and make your feng shui kitchen open with large working and separate dining spaces.

Free the space from clutter

To create a positive flow of energy in your feng shui kitchen, organize everything and keep it free from clutter. Avoid overhang items such as pots and pans, and instead, arrange them in the cabinets. Chipped or broken mugs are seen as a source of bad luck; clear and replace them with new silverware and dishes. Maintain clean countertops, burners, and clear out any expired food from the fridge.

Add fruit and hang art

Even in the dullest kitchen, wall art brings pops of color and creates a lively, interesting setting. Hang art to express yourself, bring balance to the color, and create a visual impact of positive chi.

Consider incorporating color by placing fruits in a clear bowl on your countertops. They are a symbol of wealth and health as they give nutritional benefits to you and your family. Alternatively, you can use Feng Shui herbs or plants for your kitchen space.

Bottom line

Improve your kitchen to achieve better cooking and dining experience. You can do so by adding lighting, hanging art and placing colorful fruits on the countertop, and decluttering the space. Create an open layout, arrange everything in its rightful place, and use the right colors.

Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash.  This is a collaborative post.

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