7 Failsafe Gifts For Kids

Need to buy a gift for a niece or nephew you don’t know too well? Or perhaps you’re looking for an extra small gift or stocking filler for your kids? While kids can have their own unique tastes when it comes to toys, there are a few failsafe gifts that you can often rely on when you’re stuck for ideas. Below are just some of these failsafe gift options.


Most kids won’t say no to chocolate or sweets. As a result, this is a great go-to gift for kids of all ages. You can buy a generic box or tin of chocolates, or you could opt for something a little more personalised such as these sweets gift boxes or a custom label chocolate bar. For more options, shop online.

Playing cards

A deck of playing cards could be a fun stocking filler or small extra gift. Look for unique themed decks of cards or even consider some giant playing cards. Cards like Top Trumps can also be a good option. Some kids are into collectible cards like Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh or Magic: The Gathering, but these are only worth buying if you know that the child is into these cards.

Voice changer toys

There are some toys you can buy that change your kid’s voice when spoken into, either by making it high-pitched or by adding other effects. Such gifts can often go down a hit. You can compare a few different voice changer toy options online. 

Bubble blowers

If you’re looking for a small extra toy for a young kid, a bubble blower could be a fun option. Toddlers love bubbles – a bubble gun or small bubble machine could be a great gift for keeping them occupied. You can also buy giant bubble stick wands that even older kids may find fun.

Colouring books

Colouring books are a cheap and dependable gift. Older kids may not be as into them, however younger kids are likely to enjoy them – especially if you throw in some fun colouring pens (such as gel pens or paintstick pens) and some stickers. Be wary of glitter: kids will love this, but parents may not be so appreciative.

Bath toys

Bath toys often get overlooked. Kids love a toy to play with in the bath and are unlikely to be picky as to which types of toys they’ll play with. Some of the most fun bath toys include glowing toys, wind up toys and toys that squirt water. Check out this guide to some of the most fun bath toys for inspiration. 

Gift cards

The most failsafe gift you can buy a child is a gift card. It may not be as exciting to unwrap, but it gives kids the option to buy the gifts they want, so you know it’s going to go towards something that brings them joy. It’s up to you as to what store you buy the gift card for – a kid’s toy store like Smyths could be a good option, or you could try somewhere more general like Argos.

Collaborative post. Photo by Dan-Cristian Pădureț on Unsplash 

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