On the date of my scheduled C section the hospital had too many emergencies and we were sent home and asked to come back two days later, which was the day after my due date. Annoying as this was (having to text/call everyone who was waiting for news of our new arrival and the fact that Sam has started his paternity leave etc) it meant we had an extra day and a half to spend with each other, and as the weather was so nice on my official due date we went for a stroll round Brighton…
DSC08701 DSC08702DSC08707 DSC08710 DSC08706DSC08715
We sat down with Sausage & chips on the beach, watched the coastguard helicopter practising rescues from the sea… waddling down the pebbles was a pretty daft idea, all the extra weight meant I felt every little stone under my feet! BUT the cold sea water helped soothe my swollen feet & ankles for the minute or so I could stand the freezing water!
DSC08717 DSC08719
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When we got home to shelter from the Sun we made a start on sticking our wedding photos into our album, only about 6 months after the event! It’s semi-done, we just need to put all the other memorabilia in, like our save the date/reception invite postcards, and the cards people filled out that we left for them on the tables and various other little bits and bobs! I’ll share some of it when we’ve completed it!
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I’m wearing a maternity dress from New Look (its got an open crocheted back, which gave me a strange tan when I took my cardi off for ice-cream eating!) & took my gorgeous new bag for its first outing… I won it from Baia Bags via a twitter competition, its a ‘little hobo’ in black suede & leather… and is surprisingly spacious! I’ve been managing to fit  2 nappies, wipes and a travel change mat in it, along with the rest of stuff I lug about on a daily basis! I’ve noticed recent increase again of ‘what’s in my bag’ posts recently, so might do another one (my old one is a video here) and because I love being nosey when other people share their bag contents! Anyway, the bag came perfectly packaged and smelt amazing, the tassel detail on the front is a nice touch too!
IMG_9049 IMG_9053
Life with a newborn is different, in that I’ve had to learn to do everything one handed, and have become fairly dextrous at picking things up from the floor with my feet too. I hate to put her down, but now, after 2 weeks, I realise that I have to otherwise I cant get anything done! (hence the lack of blogging/twitter etc!) Now Sam has gone back to work I’ll have to learn to put her down when she naps to start doing more, he’s been an absolute godsend! Not only has he cooked, cleaned and kept the place looking better than it normally does, he’s also well up for nappy changing and generally being the best daddy he can be, although he’s keeps telling Athena that ‘its you and me versus the world, baby!’ which is a bit worrying from my point of view! She’s blatantly going to be a Daddy’s girl!
I’m recovering really well, my scar is healing nicely, although I still look about 4 months pregnant! The bruising has gone and I just get the odd twinge in the area, although some parts of my belly are a bit numb to the touch, which is weird! We’ve been going out and about, and although the weather is finally lovely, Brighton is now full of rubbish (today is day 7 of a refuse-collection strike) which makes going out a) smelly and b) hard to push a pram around so it’s a bit of a nightmare! I’m waiting for rats to take control…
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Well done if you managed to read this far! I’m going to now attempt to catch up on all my blogs, I need to start using bloglovin too, so please leave your links below! mine is here

8 thoughts on “A Due-date Date

  1. You dont look four months pregnant by the way! I honestly think you look like you’ve lost lots of it already!! That isn’t a back handed compliment bytheway! Lol. xxx

  2. First off you look amazing! And secondly, it’s lovely to hear that Sam’s getting stuck in. Yay for super dads! x

  3. Aww, how adorable is Athena! Glad to hear you’re doing well 🙂 The bag is really cute, I need to start getting back into entering competitions again! x

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