Had a baby!
Learnt that she instantly had me wrapped around her little finger!

Realised that babies make all sorts of weird wonderful but always cute noises… Snuffles, squeaks and snorts!
Went to the beach!
Realised that breastfeeding in public really is no big deal!
Spent a lot of time sat topless (not in public!) due to breastfeeding, its just easier!

Didn’t blog much…
… Because I’ve only very recently started to put her down for nap times!
I did manage to watch the whole first season of The Killing in a weekend, and have almost finished season two…
Went to see the new flat now it’s empty… Not sure everything will fit in it!
Struggled to find breast-feeding appropriate clothes!
Listed lots of maternity clothes and some other bits on ebay

Was amazed and thankful of all the lovely cards and gifts that friends and family have sent for Athena… She’s a spoilt little lady! (Lots of jojo mama bebe & little white stuff outfits!)
Managed to paint my toenails myself for the first time in about 3 months!

Took Athena out for dinner on her week old ‘birthday’ she slept through it but we loved the diner!

Got a new haircut at Trevor Sorbie
Had to stop Sam from eating the baby, and had our first picture taken together as a family (apart from a just after birth one but I wont share that with you!)
Wrote about my experience of the first two weeks post-birth on my other blog.

On Thursday Athena will be a month old, and I have told myself (and her!) that from then on we will attempt to get into a little bit more of a routine, as spending all day on the sofa having snuggles and cuddles nice as it is, is not conducive to getting things done, blogging included! I have a few ideas for posts up my sleeve, but if there is anything specific you think I should blog about please do let me know!  Hopefully I can get a few scheduled posts sorted before we move house in July! ideally we’ll not be without internet for too long though!


7 thoughts on “In June I…

  1. Awwwl, such a cute update! She is a beauty! All the best for July to you and your family <3

    Amy x cocktailsinteacups.com

  2. Busy month! I would recommend starting a routine early, it does make all the difference! 🙂 She’s so adorable! Xo

  3. Beautiful x
    There’s something so special about those first few weeks together.

    Love the shot of the three of you. Must say – Sam looks different…’Daddy’ suits him!

    Enjoy every moment 🙂 X

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