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Athena doesn’t spend much time in her nursery yet, one or maybe 2 naps a day plus changing and clothing time, but she will spend a lot more time in there in the (hopefully) not too distant future! she’s starting to sleep the odd 7+ hour straight overnight after a spate of broken nights sleep, so as soon as she’s doing that more often than not I plan to put her down in her cot rather than the moses basket. I’ll sleep so much better without her in the room as every time she has a crazy arm and leg waving session in her sleep I wake up! However her not spending much time in it doesn’t mean that I’ve not spent much time on it, so I wanted to share it as it is now with you… (I managed to take all these photos whilst she snoozed!)

Her cot-bed and changing table were from kiddicare and will hopefully last until she is around 4 and ready to go into a proper single bed, as it has two further lower heights and you can remove the sides when she is ready. She better be a fan of purple when she’s older! The canopy above and the organiser hanging from the side are ikea bargains.
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Owls are a recurring theme (on purpose) and rabbits seem to have become an accidental theme, but they’re all cute so it’s fine by me! Clearly she’s too young to play with all of these cuddly toys yet but they look cute piled up in the corner of the cot!
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The gorgeous mobile is from ‘Little bird told me’ and was sent to Athena to see how she liked it! It’s a definite hit with her! I chose the blue version, as I don’t want the nursery to be too pink and girly, and I thought it went well with the colours in the canopy. It was SO easy to make, from box to on the cot in about 6 minutes! You can unhook the motor park to wind and then hang if, like me you’ve hung it on the far side of the cot. It also has an instant stop button which will stop the rotating/tune instantly should you wish! I especially love that it is soft, as currently Athena likes to lay with her legs in the air, so if in the unlikely event she did kick it with enough force to knock it off the hook it wouldn’t do any damage, plus some parts are mirrored which she loves!
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The lights surrounding the window are from Cable and Cotton (you see them in more detail in this post) and I love the way the light disperses through the balls to create pretty patterns on the wall! They make a perfect subtle night light, and are joined with the rabbit and owl night lights that gently change colour. The paper doves are bright and seeing as the baby loves to look up (and sideways!) I thought I’d give her something to look at!
The other light in the room is this Koh Concepts lamp, that lets off a soft glow that’s brighter than just the night lights for when you need to see a little more (like nappy changes!) They come in a whole variety of shades too (plus free worldwide shipping!) and are all individual, plus an on/off foot switch, perfect for when your hands are full of wriggly baby! I love that it looks kind of industrial, and not completely girly, the last thing I wanted was an overly cutesy pink room, hence having no proper colour scheme and lots of assorted decorative bits. Hey, the rest of the house isn’t matchy matchy so I wasn’t going to start now!
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We bought a cheap clothes rail thingumy for all the baby clothes/bedding and other paraphernalia, using the hanging dividers (ikea and amazon) for vests/tops/trouser/sleepsuits etc, with growbags and nicer dresses etc hanging up. Blankets and cardis etc are stored on the shelving at the sides. Eventually we’ll buy a mini wardrobe with some drawers beneath, but for now this does the job! There is order to that mess, I promise!
On the wall is the lovely embroidered hoop that Sophie stitched as a ‘welcome to the world’ present and a poster that I bought from Paper Themes. Next I want to get a wall decal (with owls!) but I’ve not started looking properly yet! I’ve inserted Athena’s my wishlist below, although this is just the shortened version!

So there you go, an insight into Athena’s Nursery (which is also her dadas ‘study’ as his desk is behind the door! she doesn’t mind sharing it, for now!

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  1. Omg the cuteness! I love everything, especially the net and the name embroidery. AHS I spy the Reggie! Eeep.! X

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