Yup, as weird as it sounds. Dangling from that crane there is a dinner table, and on Thursday that’s where I had lunch! The experience is being brought to Brighton by British Airways, and offers access to a ‘pop up’ Beach Lounge plus a very special experience to dine in the sky at 100ft.

SDC14276 SDC14278

We met at the pop up beach lounge for drinks first, then we were strapped into our seats and after a quick safety chat we were hoisted into the air! I was worried I might lose a shoe or more importantly my camera, but everything stayed put, including the wine glasses and napkins!

BRIGHTON – AUGUST 22 ; British Airways’ competition winners pose for pictures /  dine in the sky in a 100ft high pop up restaurant during the #BABeachside event at Hove Lawns on August 22, 2013 in Brighton, England.

( Photo by Stuart Wilson – Getty Images for British Airways)      P1230700    SDC14279 SDC14289 

It was such a surreal experience, and you can try it out too… Have a look at the #BABeachside Facebook page here for details. In a nutshell, you need to get a lucky stick of Brighton rock from one of the British Airways stewards/esses who are strolling along the beach front and city centre handing them out, and if you’re lucky yours will have a ticket for a ‘flight’ in it! It’s happening every day till Tuesday, with a different country ‘hosting’ each day, so the food will be different daily! If you don’t get a ticket then your stick of rock entitles you entry to the amazing pop up ‘beach lounge’, which is where I left Sam and Athena whilst I dined! There was a bar, a DJ, nibbles and giant games to play, plus a plastic horse…

SDC14274 SDC14275 

Once we’d reached our altitude we tucked into the Italian themed lunch that had been prepared for us, which was Chicken stuffed with spinach and ricotta, served on a bed of risotto. I approved, sprinkled with pepper and ate in between taking pictures of the coast and the city…

SDC14291 SDC14282

the view to east and to the west…

SDC14295 SDC14300 

During the flight, which lasted about half an hour, we were slowly rotated so we could see a birds eye view of the city! I was lucky to be sat at the head of the table, plus the chairs we were securely strapped into swivelled for those of us brave enough to do so!

SDC14306 SDC14299

We had a lovely air hostess to keep us informed, and we sang happy birthday to one chap too… and then before I knew it we were descending back down to earth… (we were given a cocktail on ‘landing’ though!)

 SDC14294 SDC14310

I spy a husband and a baby… once reunited I thought I’d introduce Athena to her first (plastic, hard hat wearing) horse!

If you’re in Brighton over the bank holiday weekend, definitely go and grab a stick of rock, and maybe even dine in the sky too! Check out the #BABeachside twitter tag for peoples pictures and reactions too!

Would you be happy to dine in the sky? Or do you prefer to chow down with your feet firmly on the ground?

9 thoughts on “Dining in the Sky

  1. This looks so fun! I’ve seen pictures of this happening and have always wanted to try it, I had no idea it had come to the UK! x

  2. I didn’t see this post originally and woahhh…. that is one crazy lunch!! As someone with a fear of heights, I think this would ruin a perfectly good meal for me; but can appreciate it must’ve been an amazing experience! xxx

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