Athena is loving playing in the make-shift den I built her a few days ago. When she was having her morning nap I opened up a folding table, popped her bean bag chair and some cushions in and flung a spare sheet over it all. I set up her crawl-tunnel (an ikea bargain!) so it poked through one side and then put her current favourite toys in there!


She had great fun crawling down the tunnel, then backwards again dragging things out. She did eventually realise she could stay in there for as long as she liked and when I gave her a few books she was in there for a while flicking through the pages! I’ve not dismantled it yet as it’s actually a tiny bit cooler in there too I reckon!

IMG_8242 IMG_8233  IMG_8236 IMG_8244

Seeing as she loves it so much in there I’ve been having a look at some slightly more elaborate play tents, there is such a huge variety out there! I think my favourite is the tube train, I’ve always loved anything to do with the underground!

 Tube tentx-default

  Wigwam Tepee Play Tent                    London Underground play tent                       Foldable rocket tent

3 thoughts on “Dens and tubes

  1. You are cool!!! Making dens was one of my no 1 pursuits as a child. I loved it!!!! We have a couple of v long tunnels in the nursery at school and I remember thinking and telling the nursery teacher that we should get several and make a maze with them ending in a den!!! X

  2. This looks like fun! Kids love “forts”, that’s what we call ’em here 🙂 Do you still have this up?? xx

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