In which I stroll (OOTD)


Bow print dress: Debenhams
Chunky Cardi: Primark (last year!) beigeypink, with sparkly thread, it came with HIDEOUS diamante buttons, which were changed for ones with anchors on….
Anchor print scarf: Primark, last year again.
Bag: New Look
Belt& Boots: Primark. Oh dear. I imagine the tights are primarni too. Outfit fail eh?! After looking at these pictures there’s something weird with the boots, it might be because I’m not wearing socks with them, but they’re too wide and the top and make my ankles look too thin.


Looking at these pictures, you cant actually see the lining, so it looks like its see through. It isn’t. It is however the kind of dress that is so light and slippy that it rides up if you have a bag or cardi over it, so that people see a bumcheek every twenty paces if you don’t realise it’s happening. It took me till half way to the Marina to realise. The boy also didn’t tell me. He also said my face looked ‘fine’ in all these pictures. Under scrutiny, I realised he lied and/or doesn’t care what my face looks like. These were the best of the bunch, and they’re awful faces!

These pictures were taken on Sunday, which was Remembrance Sunday, and as we walked past the Wheel, noticed it had poppies on each pod!

How are you all spending your weekend? I’m working tomorrow & seeing the Mothership (who has a broken rib AND a chest infection) to make sure she’s all hunkydory.

5 thoughts on “In which I stroll (OOTD)

  1. Hahaha priceless faces!!!Sam obvs needs further training!Love the dress lozpat!I love their contribution to remembrance Sunday,very thoughtful!xxx

  2. What a lovely touch with the poppies on the pods :)! I love your chunky cardigan, it looks like one I bought this year from primark. I have so many dresses that ride up at the back, it’s so annoying!

  3. You have the slimmest legs ever. I am tres jealous.. Your dress is a beaut to.
    Enjoy your weeeeekend 🙂 (even though we’re halfway through it!)xx

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