In which I review ELF bits and bobs

I’ve ordered from elf a couple of times before, and am really impressed with their products, especially for the low prices! The packaging of the actual products can sometimes be a little cheap, but then what do you expect, for such a little price. Each item comes in its own display packaging too, which you wouldn’t expect when buying products for so little from an online site.
A couple of weeks ago I had a discount code email from ELF. It was for free postage on orders over £10 and a free ‘mystery’ gift. Mystery gifts are always a winner in my books, no matter how crappy the ‘gift’ turns out to be! In this case not crappy at all… 4 full size products.

Cream Blush / spangly gold polish / Burgundy eye shimmer pencil / Matt lip colour pen

(the blush and the lip pen are studio products, at £3.50 and the other two are regular products at £1.50, I haven’t tested any of these as they may well become christmas presents)



The items I ordered were:
Elf studio Stippling brush £3.50
Daily Brush cleaner spray £3.50
Cream Eyeshadow palette £3.50
Dual Pencil sharpener £1.50

Swatches of the cream eyeshadow palette are shown (without, then with flash) and although you need a fair amount to get a good colour from them, they actually work really well as a base, as they help a powdered eye shadow to stay in place (Think MAC paintpots for about .05% of the price) You can see the little mirror inside the lid, and the tiny brush. My hands are like an old womans, so veiny!
The sharpener (not pictured because everyone know what a pencil sharpener is right?) I needed as the one I was using seemed to just snap pencil nibs and i’d been using a stumpy pencil for my eyebrows for weeks. The dual sharpener (one big one small hole) comes with a little lid so no messy shavings, and a little single sharpener as a bonus.
The cleaning spray is purely because I am lazy and hardly ever clean my brushes, if something has colour left on from a previous eye shadow then that gets incorporated into todays look… Hopefully this spray will enable me to keep the brushes clean between washes.
The Stippling brush is one that i’ve been after for a while, but wasn’t sure how i’d get on with it, so buying a cheap version seemed like a good idea. I normally use my fingers to apply foundation, but have a couple of other brushes and one of those weird looking ‘beauty sponges’ that you have to use wet, which is generally too messy for my liking. This is synthetic (obviously, for the price) but works really well, after i’ve splodged the foundation all over my face and rubbed it in a bit I’ve been using this in circular motions to get the stuff right into my skin. My only negative is that the hairs are possibly a bit too long, or maybe I was just expecting the brush to be a bit stiffer. I’ve used it every day since I got it anyway, so its not really a problem!
I ordered Tuesday night and the package was delivered Saturday, which is fine by my standards for free delivery.  Other products of note that I already use are the Blush & bronzer compact (Which as similar to a Nars one by all accounts, but good for contouring) and the Cream eyeliners, which are really well pigmented and don’t go cakey like some more expensive versions do!
Perhaps I’ll do a face of the day type post, but it’s so hard to take a picture of your face that’s good enough to enlarge without people smashing their screens in anger. And my face is good at doing bad faces, see last post for proof.

Ever ordered from ELF? If you haven’t definitely sign up for their emails and see if a discount code comes your way… It would be good for people who don’t normally buy make up, as its so cheap to experiment with that it wouldn’t really matter if you end up not wanting to use it!

3 thoughts on “In which I review ELF bits and bobs

  1. I’ve never ordered from them but I keep hearing so many good things. Might have to stick something on my xmas list 🙂 xxx

  2. That went wrong… I wanted to say: ELF products are hit and miss with me. Some things are great some things not so much, but it’s so cheap I don’t mind. 

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