In which recap the week in pictures

Lovely flowers from a guest at work // Cupcake with the most amazing topping ever (modest, right?!) and a cup of tea (tiny bit of milk, no sugar and teabag in, in case you were interested) // ‘Bagdad country club’ This is written under the arches on the raised walkway on the way to Brighton Marina. Back in the summer there were a few ex-soldiers living there completely open to the elements, I have no idea where they are now which is worrying. I only hope they are in a hostel or something.
This old van has started to set up shop at the end of my road, 4 doors down It sells crepes and hot drinks. Haven’t bought anything there but I will do soon! // I had a meeting at the Town Hall today, on the way back I spied this red dress in the window of Dolly Dagger in the South Laines. I never wear read, but the style is similar to what I want for my wedding dress //Innocent smoothies on offer, and BANANAS SUCK! so this was a win with me!


Tonight after an epic 13 hour day at work this became dinner. I really did want to eat, but I couldn’t be bothered, and felt bad getting a takeaway for just me, so wine and half a packet of bbq flavour cocktail sausages it was!
I’m working this Saturday but am off Sun/Wed/Thu off next week as the boys little sister is coming to stay, love a good excuse to be a tourist in my hometown!

Also, please go check out my mini interview on Rachaels Blog, and go and send her all your good luck wishes for her big old Uni Project! She’s studying Psychology and has amazing hair too!
Tomorrow I’m off to Bingo. I KNOW I KNOW, please don’t judge me, I’m really not that sort of person!! I had never been till last month when a guy from work suggested it, and after 10 minutes of complete confusion because i didn’t know the numbers went down in rows, I got into in, won nothing but had a great time taking the piss quietly out of all the regulars who tutted and hushed at everyone else! and the boy won £200!! money for the wedding fund! yay!

How are you all spending your dreary wintery evenings?

3 thoughts on “In which recap the week in pictures

  1. I love wine!!!! My favorite is Riesling. I drink way too much of it….

    I spend every evening watching TV or a movie lol bor-ing. But I go out on the weekends!!

    Mabel Time

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