Everyday Us – Bubble Wrap


Who doesn’t like bubble wrap? It’s one of the little things that gives me pleasure whenever I come across some! A couple of weeks back during the chicken pox quarantine we got a parcel with some of the larger bubbles in helping to protect everything and Athena yanked it out of the box straight away shouting BUBBLE WRAP and immediately started hopping about on it. Arlo of course was a bit wary as he’d not yet been introduced to the joys of bouncing on bubble wrap but after watching her (and me!) ┬áhe started tentatively crawling across it and then got a bit braver and walked across it! I didn’t have my camera around but took some snaps on my phone to make a memory


Now whenever we have a Bubble wrap box they both get really excited and jump around on it until there are no pops left! There is a shop near us that sells polystyrene balls, shapes and other packaging and in their window there is a giant roll of bubble wrap, I’m a little tempted to buy it and carpet our house in it for a day so we can all have some bubble wrap popping fun!



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