Craft: DIY baby book caddy


You need: a wooden magazine rack, paint & paintbrushes and some old newspaper and some kitchen roll to rest your paint brush on whilst you sip your tea. 

Total cost: £5.20 for two! The racks were a pound each at a boot sale, brushes were a pound for a pack of 5 at Poundland and are so plasticy I just ran them under the hot tap to clean them after! Tester pots of emulsion were £1.10 each in Wilkinsons. 

I chose emulsion because I like the matt effect and because gloss is messy and harder to get a good finish with and I wanted quick and easy! I thought about varnishing them but again, it’s effort and i’m all about ease!

Method: Paint the racks… that’s all there is to it! I did these late at night and left them to dry in the bath over night then touched up the patchy bits the next day. Seriously simple.


Let me know if you try it!

3 thoughts on “Craft: DIY baby book caddy

  1. this is such a fab idea i am currently decoration Finns new big boys bedroom and still looking for ideas for his tons of books!

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