On Wednesday last week I was invited to the Habitat A/W 2014 press day at the Oxo Tower Wharf on London’s south bank.  There was such an amazing array of styles and items, definitely something for everyone. I took lots of photos, but have whittled them down to my favourite few for this post!


The shelf unit below is now very firmly on Sam’s wish list, and to be honest I rather like it too! Lots of edges and corners and places to fill with trinkets. The sideboard has a similar design but more storage with the skinny legged design detail. Some gorgeous copper candle holders were definitely something to be on display all your round in my mind, and I really loved the purple drinking glasses, something a little different.


The Christmas Room was basically heaven for Athena who was with us, as it was a huge room full of lights, mirrors and projected images! We had to stop her yanking at strings of lights but I definitely have my eye on a few decorations! This years Christmas gift selection is pretty awesome too, almost everything had a use, which is great because I try not to give people something that doesn’t have a purpose/entertainment value (unless I’ve been told what to get them!) so expect lots of kits (make your own phone projector, yes please!) and funky looking every day objects like clocks and hot water bottles.


To Celebrate Habitats 50th year it is welcoming back some acclaimed designers who have created pieces previously, this collection launches in September and I loved this light by Aaron Probyn, the way he’s designed it means that light bounces and reflects at all angles, and you could even make it bigger with the addition of another one or slotted in however you wanted them.

The textiles room was truly amazing, so many amazing designs and bright colours, with fragmented patterns being the theme. The rug in the first picture below was my favourite by far, broken multi-coloured chevrons, what’s not to love? The cushions ranged from eclectic patterns to nature and animal themed prints.


Now, who wants to buy me a house to put everything in?

2 thoughts on “Habitat A/W

  1. I love habitat! Whilst I couldn’t give a fig about being on trend, I’m definitely going to use that as an excuse to get out my copper spraypaint again xxx

  2. I adore Habitat home furnishings. I quite often find myself having a browse of their website planning our future living spaces! Very jealous of your trip up to London to see Habitat gorgeousness! x

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