Interiors: 3 Tips for a Family Friendly Kitchen

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For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Far from being just an area to rustle up dinners and get breakfast ready in the morning, modern-day kitchens are bustling hubs that serve an array of purposes. If you’re looking to update your kitchen and create a more versatile, family-friendly room, here are some ideas for a fabulous, functional space. 

Adjusting the layout

One of the best ways to make your kitchen more suitable for family life is adjusting the layout. If you have the luxury of being able to knock through into a cloakroom, a utility room or a separate dining space, it’s worth looking at plans and getting some quotes. You could also consider moving your units around to free up more floor space if you’re short on room and it’s not possible to increase the size of the kitchen. Maximising the space available to you in the kitchen will allow you to create room to eat, work, socialise, play, cook and relax. When you’re decorating an open plan kitchen-diner, you can choose a theme or a colourway that runs through the entire room, or opt for distinctive tones, styles or patterns to give each area an identity. 

Hassle-free cleaning and maintenance

When you’re rushing around after toddlers, you get back from work late or you’ve got an endless to-do list to get the kids ready for the next school day, the last thing you want is to have to spend hours tidying up and cleaning. If you’re revamping or renovating your kitchen, and you have children or pets, it’s wise to opt for low maintenance materials, which will stand the test of time and cope with muddy paws, paint marks, food stains and constant traffic. Vinyl flooring is an excellent, affordable option for kitchens and hallways, and there are some fantastic prints available, as well as incredibly lifelike vinyl wood flooring. It’s also a good idea to choose wipe-clean surfaces and to make sure you have plenty of accessible storage. If you’ve got a home for every pot, pan or jar, you can tidy up in no time. 


Versatile areas

Today, we use our kitchens for cooking and dining, hanging out, doing homework, working and entertaining. Even in a small space, it’s possible to create versatile areas by designing a flexible layout and using the right furniture. You can maximise entertaining and dining space using breakfast bars and stools, extendable tables or fold-down tables, turn dining tables into desks outside of mealtimes and set up a cosy corner to watch TV, socialise and chill out. Make the most of cupboard and wall space to save floor space. Pull-out drawers, shelves and wall-mounted racks are excellent examples of space-saving storage. You can also use quirky, fun features like chalkboard walls to set up a play area where kids can be creative. 


Many of us long for a kitchen that ticks all of the boxes. If you want to create a room that acts as the hub of the house, hopefully, this guide has given you some ideas and inspiration.


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