Sunday Scrapbook – Easter on the Boat

Happy Easter!

We’ve had a really nice second half of the Easter holidays, the sunny weather has helped even if I wasn’t quite prepared for it! Last weekend we spent the day in London having ‘breakfast with the bunny’ at Hard Rock Café, then strolled through Hyde Park to the Science Museum where we spent the afternoon learning about all sorts of things, and enjoying a live bubble show! Monday was a lazy-ish day, we spent time at home in the morning before scooting the beach for a play in the afternoon. It was pretty windy though and we all looked a bit bedraggled by the time we got home!

On Tuesday and Thursday I worked in Brighton in the afternoons, so my mum came to look after the kids – which meant they’ve spent a lot of time at the park but Athena met up with some boys from her class at the park on Thursday which was a happy accident! On Tuesday we also found out that Arlo got a place at the same school as Athena is at, which is a relief! I was fairly certain he would get in as a sibling place plus being in catchment gave us a fairly high chance but until you get that email you just can’t be sure! But as of September I’ll be taking both kids to school! For a year anyway as then Athena moves to middle school at a different campus, bummer!

On Wednesday we had a really lovely day at Drusillas, but I’ve written all about that in a post of its own. Thursday was a hectic day for us, as we had to drop Sam to work, come home, pack for a weekend away, pack the car, wait for my mum to arrive and then I drove to Brighton for work, arrived home and then drove to pick Sam up from work and head straight to Norfolk – arriving at 11pm! Phew! To say we were both shattered was an understatement but thankfully the kids slept most of the way and then we just transferred them to bed when we arrived!

On Friday we took a nice long walk around the countryside, snapping a few photos in the lovely yellow rapeseed fields! Saturday saw us exploring at Salhouse Broad with friends, and then on Saturday we spent a very relaxing afternoon on the boat – well as relaxing as being on a boat with 4 kids 5 and under can be… we packed a picnic tea though and they kept them very happy! As did feeding the swans, geese, ducks and seagulls!

Wishing everyone a very happy Easter!

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