Excellent Ways to Feature a Live Band in Your Wedding Ceremony

You make the decision to hire a live band in order to get the support and assistance needed for making your wedding colourful. While you proceed with the services offered by the live band, you should also make sure that you keep an eye on the methods available to feature a live band into the wedding ceremony. Then you will be able to transform your wedding into a glamorous event, which will remain in the minds of you as well as guests for a long time.

Live music can always act as an excellent accompaniment to the wedding. This is the main reason why most of the couples tend to hire live bands instead of getting DJs. If you make the same decision, you will be able to enhance the celebrations with minimum efforts.

The live band will not just be able to help you with maintaining a perfect vibe at the wedding venue. They will help you with adding lots of energy into the bride, groom and guests. In order to get the best output from live music to the wedding, it is important to adhere to the following steps.

Playing music when the bride arrives

It is extremely important to get the music right during the ceremony. Music played by the live band while the bride is coming will be able to set the perfect tone for wedding day reception. All the guests will be waiting for the moment where the bride arrives at the venue. The band will be able to enhance that excitement with some good music. Have engog.co.uk arrange this for you!

When you take a look at the traditional aspect, you will notice that the ceremonies are featuring classical pieces. However, some of the brides aren’t familiar with the repertoire at all. This is where the pros would come into play. The live band will come up with the perfect playlist in such a situation and add more colour to the moment.


Hitting the right notes at the right time

The live band you hire will make sure that they are hitting the right notes at the right time. This will heavily contribute to the overall experience that you can secure. Most of the couples don’t tend to obtain the services of live bands throughout the entire wedding day. That’s because getting services like that is quite expensive. However, there are some options available for you to get the maximum returns out of a tight budget that you have.

You can think about getting the help of a musician or two who comes from the dance band in order to play the earlier half of your wedding evening. For example, you can allow them to play during the dinner hours and cocktail. It is better if you can stick to this idea during the cocktail hour. That’s because all you need is a single cello player to perform during the cocktail hour.

No matter what, you need to make sure that you are getting the live band to hit the right notes at the right time. Then you will be able to keep all the guests entertained throughout.

On top of that, you must ensure that you are matching the band with the style of the venue as well. For example, you should never get a classical, formal group to play in a budget venue. It would look out of tune.


Strike up the band

Dinner time is not all about chattering with the others and playing some background music. There will be speeches and toasts. In the meantime, you can think about using live music to enhance the impromptu moments that are taking place. For example, you will get a piano to play during dinner time. However, you can create a quick ending to the song with live music. You just need to allow the live band to use their creativity and perform.

When the band is striking up, you will find it as an easy task to keep energy in the room. Otherwise, you will just be getting your visitors to remain seated for an hour during dinner time. You shouldn’t allow that to happen. It can make the guests feel bored easily.


Dance in the night

Last but not least, you need to allow the live band to deliver a perfect ending to the wedding day celebrations. This is where you can ask them to come up with some tunes, which the guests can dance into. The guests will be able to keep on dancing to good music throughout the night. The band should be in a position to engage with the audience that is dancing. In some of the instances, the band will have to fulfil song requests as well. If those requested songs are in a position to enhance the dancing mood, the band should be able to go ahead and play them.

Any band that can follow the above-mentioned tips will be able to integrate live music into the wedding ceremony with minimum hassle. Then you can get the most out of your live band as well.


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