Festive gift guide: the Brighton edition

I love Brighton, and know I have a lot of Brighton based readers so I thought that putting together a Brighton specific gift guide might be a good idea! I’ve taken a look through a lot of my favourite online stores and put together a selection of things I’d love to get or to give to someone! All pictures link to the retailer, and there is a giveaway at the end of the post!

Brighton Artists deck of cards, consisting of 54 cards all individually designed by a local artist, there are some gorgeous ones in there!  A steal at only £5, find local Brighton stockists here or click the image for the etsy store. If card games aren’t your thing then there is always the Brighton edition of Monopoly, which we have at home and love!

  Next up is  a selection of items from Not on the High street & Etsy, lots of gorgeous designs and prints!

 For the more literary people: Brighton Rock classic cover notebook, a comparative history of Brighton & Hove (I’ve read it, it’s good!) and for any semi-active friends the Cheeky Walks in Brighton & Sussex.

  Lastly, two very Brighton themed prints from local design duo hello dodo, who also do awesome T shirts, badges, cards and other delights.

One thought on “Festive gift guide: the Brighton edition

  1. Not entering just wanted to say thank you as my mum was born in Brighton and these are great gift ideas for her. x

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