Before the baby arrived (by the time you read this it will have a name, but this is a scheduled post) I’ve tried to eat out a bit more than normal, as I know meals out will be few and far between for a while! So here are a few ‘foodporn’ (search the hashtag on instagram one day, some delights to be found!) type snaps, a visit to the new Foodilic & how to make iced chai lattes…
IMG_8715 IMG_8860 IMG_8911
Gelato Gusto / ‘egg in the hole’ (cut out a hole in bread, fry the end with the bread in the hole) / Breakfast at Bills
IMG_8930 IMG_8932 IMG_8846
Cheap n Cheerful Donatellos! Pizza & pudding / afternoon tea
IMG_8871 IMG_8877
a slice of my leaving cake & hundreds of macaroons (all by Julien Plumart)
IMG_8938 IMG_8995
A pot of delight from M&S / Guinness burger & skinny fries at Stanmer House
When I went to the foodies festival I bought the green tea and and mint flavoured chai drink powders, I already had the spiced, and often make variations of these three, plus the whittard white hot chocolate powder… endless yumminess to be had! Here’s how I do it…
IMG_8716 IMG_8717 IMG_8718
3/4 teaspoons of your chosen flavour/s. Boil the kettle and add enough hot water to make a creamy paste so all the powder dissolves.
 IMG_8720 IMG_8721 IMG_8722
Crush some ice cubes (My desired way is to bang them with a rolling pin in a clean tea towel) then add cold milk and the ice and enjoy!
And lastly I was invited to try out the new Foodilic on western road, which opened on the 15th May. This restaurant is different from the one on North Street (Which is a self serve buffet) but still has a varied menu and lots of options. I went for a chicken quiche with roasted veg and green beans, and Sam had a variety of Feuilletés, which were being made next to the where you choose your food, it was nice to see things being freshly prepared!
IMG_8850 IMG_8851 IMG_8853
We both had freshly squeezed juice, which was pulpy and frothy, so definitely no added sugar or anything there! You can view a sample menu here, but I’d recommend popping in, perfect location for a mid shopping trip re-fuel! Plus the tables and stools are all made of cut wood, very funky indeed!

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  1. This made me SO hungry, and it’s only 9:25am haha 🙂 Eee the baby, so soon! Good luck!

    Sophierosehearts x

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