• Finished work to start maternity leave
  • Went to Bournemouth for a work event & got an ‘outstanding contribution’ award, go me!
  • Ate macaroons, lots of them! (at my work leaving party)



  • Got really anaemic and had to nap lots along with horrible iron supplements, and then had something wrong with my liver function for a bit too. nasty/
  • Confirmed that I’m moving house in July
  • Set everything up ready for the baby, bouncer/moses basket/all the other stuff!
  • Had a hair cut and colour thanks to Trevor Sorbie (proper post coming soon!)


IMG_8663 IMG_8969


  • Saw the lady boys of Bangkok
  • Got annoyed that my feet swelled up, even if it was in the very last week!
  • Said goodbye to our housemate of two years, sorry Lynne!
  • Decided to put my old banger of a car back on the road after four years, it’s not quite there yet!
  • Went to the foodies festival



  • Got my c section approved
  • Confirmed that I’m moving house in July
  • Had a bloody amazing massage
  • Started nesting, which was weird as I am not normally a particularly tidy person, but I’ve been on a MISSION I tell you!
  • Read a fair few books (kindle convert now, despite previous views on them!)
  • Met lots of lovely bloggers, firstly a Sunday Picnic (at a pub!) for a slightly drizzly and clown infested lunch with Skye [Even Artichokes Have Hearts], – Ria  [Wishing For Chanel] & Michelle [daisy butter] who I’d met before, and  Katie [Hook, Line and Sink Her] & – Erin [E-Elise] who I hadn’t!
  • The next weekend met Lyndsay [Fizzy Peaches] & Laura [Chambray & Curls] for the first time and Carrie [Carrie Brighton]and Laura [Lola & Behold] again for a lovely Bills lunch, and a chat in Pavilion Gardens!

And now it’s June, the official birth month of ‘Baby Brighton’ (so called by Amy!) and I cannot WAIT! Hopefully Sam and I will be able to go out for one last dinner before sproglet arrives, and our lives are never quite the same again…


This was taken a few days ago…
I’ve only managed to pre-write a couple of posts in my week of maternity leave (so much for getting all the things I wanted to done, all I’ve achieved is sorting the house out, which admittedly IS an achievement I guess…) so apart from those posts I’ll be back (minus the bump plus a baby!) when I’m back! I’ll be on twitter whilst I’m in hospital I’m sure… and will be letting everyone know whether it’s a boy or a girl at some point too!


7 thoughts on “In May I…

  1. aw, best wishes for your c-section! I can’t believe you kept so busy so heavily pregnant, you should be proud (just a food baby takes me out of action for a while!). Thinking of you x

  2. Ooh May sounds like it was a productive month, love the hair too! Ahhhhhh so soon now, good luck 🙂

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. Wow not long to go now !! So exciting. Was lovely to meet you, sounds like you had a great May.
    Good luck with it all, I will be glued to Twitter eagerly awaiting your updates to come!

    Lyndsay xx

  4. What a great month, and such exciting things happening! Those bump pictures really are amazing, and turning into Baby Brighton (love the name by the way) so soon!
    Carrie xxx

  5. So exciting, not long now 🙂 hope it all goes well, was really you to see you before you had him/her! Maybe we should do another bloggers trip to come visit you and the little one 😉 xoxo

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