I was recently asked if I would like to try some curtains from a range of ready made curtains from The Natural Curtain Company and to talk about the view through my window, good or bad!  As our living room window faces due south we get lots of natural light throughout the day as the sun passes from east to west, but sadly this means that a) you have to stick your head sideways out of the window to see the sunset properly and b) that we actually spend a fair amount of the day with one or both curtains drawn to keep the room cool and the sun out of our eyes (and off the telly screen, let’s be honest!)

dramatic sky, the night before the torrential rain hit us!

sunshine, tea & cakes.

The curtains I chose to frame my view are ‘Laguna’, made of 100% cotton, lined with a thick linen feel. Oatmeal in colour with cream vertical stripes and are a LOT nicer than the previous curtains that had bold red swirls on them and belonged to the landlord (they matched his sofa I think, ick!) These curtains from the ready made selection were easy to gather and hang on curtain rings and with the help of Sam who is a lot taller than me, we got them on the rail in no time! Over the course of five days I took a photo each evening, it’s interesting to see what changed and what didn’t! For example the living room den seems to be a permanent fixture, some nights it’s tea for a beverage and others it’s wine… I also had to resist the urge to tidy up pre photo taking!

cosy wine & and an oil burner

The view from my living room window is not particularly exciting, sadly. We have a large window that looks across at the back of a row of terraced houses. On any given evening I might spot: one of 5 neighbourhood cats stalking around, the dog opposite us that Athena waves madly at it when she sees, people sneaking down the alley in front of us that leads to the main road, people getting to the end of my road and realising it’s a dead end and having to turn back, the spire of the church across the road, an array of sunsets and weather (some pretty inclement, lots of my town flooded last Monday!) Although it sounds like there is a lot going on here it is actually a welcome change from our last home in central Brighton! From my last living room window we could see: three pubs, two adult shops (one classier than the other!) a natural funeral company and Brighton train stations front entrance. We were constantly hearing taxis, buses and lorries trundling past throughout the night, along with night time revellers of course! Where we are now is utter bliss compared to before! I’ve put together a pinterest board with a few views that I would absolutely LOVE to look out over, a girl can dream right?

Are you happy with the view from your windows?

I was able to choose a pair of curtains for the purpose of this review, all opinions my own.

3 thoughts on “Framing my view

  1. Ooh! you’ve got huge windows haha. I like the curtains you chose, we’re moving in a couple of weeks and I haven’t even thought about curtains or anything, whoops!

  2. Out our front window I am always seeing people with dogs. Many people have dogs where we live and we live next to a green so this is a popular path for the walkers! I really like the look of these curtains- they look light and breezy but with quality too!x

  3. Oh nice! Love the pair you chose. My window looks over a car repair place, not ideal but I guess it could be worse! Off to stalk you on pinterest now, some of those images look amazing!

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