From cot to bed: How to make an easy transition for your children


The transition from the cot to the ‘big bed’ can be a difficult time for children who feel secure in the comfort of their familiar cot. How can parents help them to have a smoother transfer?
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Move from cot to bed: when is the right time?
Every child is different, therefore there aren’t specific rules on when to move your child from a cot to a bed although anything from 18 months onwards is usual. A possible suggestion could be to go by the toddler’s climbing ability; once your child starts trying to climb out of the cot it might be a good time for the ‘big move’.
Another good guide could be the fact that your child is growing physically too big to fit comfortably in the cot. Also, the arrival of another baby is one of the common reasons to make the move; you might want to transfer your child at least six to eight weeks before you’re due so that he can get used to his new bed before he sees the new-born taking over his cot.
Lastly, if you’re potty training your child you could consider transferring him or her to the big bed, as he or she will need to get to the toilet when necessary.
Choosing the right bed frame and other tips for a smoother transfer from cot to bed
It is possible that your child will resist the transition, while some other children will adjust easily to the change. To make the transition smoother, there are some tips you can try and follow. For instance, put the bed in the same place as the cot and maybe even leave him or her sleeping with the old cot blanket. This can help your child to feel more secure and less overwhelmed by the big step.
Choosing the ‘big bed’ is an important step, so maybe involve your child in this. Ask your child to accompany you to the shop to pick out his new bed, or show them some examples online. Browse the website with your child on your lap and try to make him or her excited about the idea of moving into a big bed.
The type of bed and mattress you choose can help as well. Pick something simple but sturdy, maybe a ‘toddler bed’ which sits closer to the ground, and use a mattress not too soft that can help your child’s posture. In order to smooth the transition you can also think about a bed guard of some sort, as they’re used to sleeping behind bars and they will more likely roll over and fall out of the bed before getting used to the novelty.
On Bedstar, for instance, you have a large selection of beds and mattress to choose from; moreover, many items on sale are listed, which is a bonus as ideally you don’t want to spend a fortune! On the website you can find everything you need for your child’s new big bed, from mattress to bed frames, according to your needs and to your pockets.
Some parents find that they make the switch prematurely. If so, don’t be afraid to bring the cot back. Don’t see it as a step backward, it just means your child wasn’t ready. Keep in mind this transition is a big milestone and every child needs to take their time.
Feel free to follow these tips but keep in mind that there are no set rules for transferring your child from cot to bed. Try to understand your child’s needs and comfort and what you as parents feel comfortable with.
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2 thoughts on “From cot to bed: How to make an easy transition for your children

  1. This is really helpful thanks 🙂 I’m hoping that Arthur will go into a proper bed at 18 months so that we can then give his cot to Baby Number 2. He might not be ready then though – will have to see… xx

  2. This week we have come to the realisation that our cot is no longer needed. Arthur hasn’t slept in it now for months as he prefers to be in the big bed with us. I didn’t consider buying him his own bed but think we may have to purchase one soon as our bed just isn’t big enough for us all.

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