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The nights are getting darker and colder, and the mornings are just grim but since giving Sam his Christmas present of a new Smart TV for the bedroom early this year we’re all spending a lot more time in bed, even if it is watching Cbeebies with a certain someone first thing in the morning! Recently The French Bedroom Company challenged me to update my bedroom with a French theme. I’d wanted to spruce the bedroom up a bit anyway and turn it from ‘the place where things get put when there is nowhere else to put them’ into a nice peaceful environment conducive to a good nights sleep to boot, so a ribbons and roses theme sounded ideal to me!


  Firstly I cleared all the clutter from my bedside table (okay, I swept it all into the drawer but that’s close enough right?) and changed my lamp to one with a frosted glass shade for a less harsh light. I dug out my glass ring holder from a cupboard to pop my jewellery onto overnight to keep it tidy and added a scented candle and a dusky pink glass lidded bowl to pop all the bits and bobs into that end up cluttering up my bedside table like change, hair grips and coins generally! I think it really is true about keeping surfaces uncluttered making a huge difference to the tidiness of an area! Sadly I know that within a week or two both my bedside table and Sam’s will have somehow become cluttered again!

I hung some bunting above the bed, pink roses to match the pinks in the duvet cover and grey to match the blanket and to ensure it wasn’t too girly! I also popped the blue candle holder onto the wall that I have had for years but rarely ever find a place to hang, and added some French themed prints for a little ‘je ne sais quoi’!

Now onto the piece de resistance, the bed! We already had a lace printed duvet cover from Ikea (would you believe that my husband actually chose this?!) so I added the softest blanket in the history of blankets, in a gorgeous dusky mink colour that Athena is already in love with whenever she’s in bed with us! It’s definitely too good for babies though! The two gorgeous cushions are plump and perfect for lounging on, with gorgeous stitched roses, entwined ribbon and a crochet border. Stuffed with feathers, I know these are going to be more and more necessary as I get bigger with pregnancy and require more propping up and support!


Ribbon & Roses cushions / Pauline’s Pretty Throw


I told you someone is a fan of the blanket! I couldn’t resist a browse of the rest of the site, it’s not all traditionally French style, and there are several different collections to look through. The three items below caught my eye for being so unusual!


Thank you to The French Bedroom Company for the challenge! If anyone else has written a post about their bedroom decor please leave a link in the comments, I’d love a nose!

4 thoughts on “Interiors: My French Themed bedroom

  1. Oh wow! Love those cushions especially, off to check out the rest of the site as my sister just moved into a new house so I said i’d get her some homey bits for Christmas!

  2. Woweeee this is beautiful! I have a nautical theme in the bedroom at the moment and it’s just not doing it for me in these cold wintery nights! I’d love that blanket! 🙂 x

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