Win a 1TB Portable Hard Drive [ended]

2016-02-21 20.01.52 I was very VERY close to losing all the pictures I had taken since Arlo was born, and from my last couple of months of his pregnancy. Sam bought me a lovely new laptop in January last year and when it unexpectedly died in November I hadn’t backed up a thing. No photos, no documents, no earnings spreadsheets. Nothing. Thankfully the vast majority of it was able to be recovered, but if for any reason it hadn’t been (water damage or a stolen laptop, god forbid) I would be beyond devastated! You can’t replace the first photo taken when your baby comes into this world, nor the video of when your one year old meets their newborn brother for the first time. Not only were all our proper photos on the laptop, but every so often I had dumped all the pictures and videos from my phone onto my computer too, and wiped them from my phone.

WD sent me a My Passport Ultra portable hard drive to ensure than I can back everything up safely going forwards, and to make sure that all my precious memories (oh, and tax return documents I suppose) will be safely stored. When I got my new laptop and set it up I spent a little time setting up a once a week schedule (on a Sunday night) to save copies of all my new folders, so photos, documents, downloads etc. I tend to keep a really organised laptop with a place for everything, so it would have been so easy to back up my data before, I just wrongly assumed with a brand new machine I wouldn’t need to bother for a few years!

The WD My Passport Ultra is a portable hard drive, it’s light and small and can be taken anywhere you need to. You can:

  • Set up automatic back up schedules for your data whenever is most convenient
  • Power it from your laptop via the USB cable so no extra power supply needed
  • Take it anywhere you go
  • Use a password for extra security
  • also set up auto backups to Drop box or similar for added protection

WD carried out a survey on 1000 UK mobile phone users in the UK and found:

  • The average consumer values their digital content at £3,241 & 1 in 4 (26%) say their digital content is ‘priceless’
  • 56% of consumers have been forced to delete a picture or video to make room for more content – and then regretted doing so
  • 1 in 3 (31%) run out of storage capacity at least monthly
  • Win a portable hard drive

If these stats and my experience have left you panicking a little then fear not, I have a 1TB My Passport Ultra to give away to someone! Just enter below for your chance to win.

Win a 1TB ‘My Passport’ Ultra portable hard drive



UK entrants only. There is one prize available: a 1TB hard drive in white. Giveaway Ends 6/3/2016 at 11.59pm. Winners will be drawn at random and contacted, and will be given 28 days to respond to claim their prize. After this time another winner will be drawn. Prize supplied by WD.

WD Provided me with a My Passport Ultra for the purpose of this post.

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