How To Make Movie Nights At Home More Exciting

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If you spend most of your evenings in front of the TV, the idea of another movie night at home may not seem very exciting. However, with a few changes, you will be able to bring some new thrills to your film viewing experience. For example, if you have exhausted all the movies in your collection, whether that’s a physical collection of DVDs or the library on your favourite streaming service, you could consider torrenting a movie you’ve not seen before. Plus, thanks to tools like the best vpns for torrenting, you can make sure that your connection is as private as possible so that you are not compromising on online security. In addition to this, here are just a few different things you could do in order to make movie nights more fun.

Broaden your streaming options

Despite all the channels on satellite TV, the choice of movies can often be very limited. By expanding your streaming options, you can choose from a much larger variety of movies. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV and Disney Plus are just a few of the most common options. If these still aren’t enough, you could even consider torrenting a movie – Troypoint’s torrent sites list offers a few examples of sites where you can do this.  With an endless selection of movies to choose from, you can watch anything and everything you want.

Upgrade your speakers

A set of new speakers could be one way to bring thrills to your movie nights. Surround sound speakers can help to recreate the sense of being in a cinema in your home. This could include a home theatre speaker set or a soundbar. You can compare some of the best surround sound speaker options here. 

Dim the lights

Another way to recreate the excitement of the cinema is to turn down the lights (plus, it can be a great way to make horror movies more scary). To help make your living room darker, consider buying some blackout curtains or blinds for your living room. This will stop any light from street lamps and cars coming in so that it’s truly as dark as a cinema.

Stock up on the right snacks

You can also spice up your movie night by preparing yourself with the right snacks. Popcorn is the most obvious choice. Alternatively you could treat yourself to a snack feast (just don’t do this every night!). Make sure to load up on drinks too. You could even buy a mini-fridge for your living room to keep drinks cool and prevent you having to go to the kitchen.

Play a drinking game

A drinking game may not be so suitable for family movie nights with kids, but could be a great option for those without kids. There are lots of drinking games you can play while watching a movie – check out some of them here

Go old-skool

Still got some old DVDs or video cassettes lying around? Why not go old skool and play some of these old movies? You could even give your whole evening a retro theme such as an 80s night. 

Stream movies with friends remotely

You may not be able to invite your friends over for a movie night during lockdown, but there’s still the option of Netflix Party. This allows you and someone else in another location to watch the same movie simultaneously. You can both talk to each other via Zoom and enjoy the twists and turns of the movie together – even if you’re not in the same room. 

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