DIY Flooring Options for Your Living Area

The floor of your living room is most probably the biggest area of the house and also the most difficult to install and purchase. How you cover it will have a major impact on the look and feel of the space. Flooring products come in a range of styles and textures, especially when it comes to covering the living room area, so here is a detailed look at some of the best and easy DiY options to consider for your next living room remodeling project.

Layer it with rugs.

 Investing in a good quality flooring has many important benefits for the home. Rugs can be both practical and pretty and will help keep the living room floors draft free as they act as insulators for your home. Rugs reduce the wear and tear making the floor resilient, and at the same time offer a softer and luxurious feel. Laying rugs is easy and does not require the services of a professional and you have the option of creating your own patterns on the floor.


Vinyl Plank Flooring

 Vinyl wooden planks come in a large number of colors, are readily available, and are an inexpensive DIY option as you need not have to dig the existing ceramic tiles on the floor.These planks connect very well together when they are placed over the existing floor. Installation is totally effortless and you need to just look at your living room floor to decide what matches it.


Try a nice laminate

 For someone on a budget, a laminate flooring is one of the best DIY living room flooring options. Not only is it easy to lay and maintain, it is scratch resistant and best if you have young children and pets in the house. The tongue and groove planks can be simply snapped together. A laminated floor is less likely to get damaged due to water, making it ideal for living room floor ideas. All you will need is a hand saw to cut the planks and a hammer to nail them.


Set the tone with paint

 A well painted floor can set the tone not only for your living room but the whole house as well. Apply a coat of deck and coat paint to get the right geometric pattern of rectangles to establish a bold style. Wipe off the excess paint if you want to expose the grains of the wood till you get the desired effect. Finally apply several coats of polyurethane to protect the finished surface.


Carpet tiles for warmth

 Not only is a carpet tile comfortable to the feet it provides a warm and good look to the living space as well. A neutral colored carpeted floor adds texture to the area without having to detract from the atmosphere. Moreover, carpet tiles can hide even the roughest of floor areas while adding softness to the living room. They are easy to install and the only tools required are a tape measure, a utility knife and chalk line. The best part is, that even if one section gets stains on it, it can be easily replaced.


Collaborative post, image from pexels. 

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