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Ask most parents what extra room they’d love to have in their house, and apart from the obvious choices of gymnasium or study, many will say that they’d love a playroom for their children. Many already do have one, and they no doubt find it a Godsend having an area the kids can go and play without (in theory) spreading their toys around the rest of the house.

If you’re looking to create a playroom or fancy giving your current one a bit of a spruce up, then here are some great ideas….

 shutterstock_179738285Choose interesting, vibrant décor – Your children aren’t going to be particularly enthralled by playing in a drab room devoid of colour and visual stimulation, so ensure you jazz up the décor with bright and interesting colours. If your children have any favourite colours then you could use those, although colours like oranges and yellows always work well and are reasonably gender neutral. Think about different styles of curtains and carpets to complement the walls, as well as any other furnishings or furniture you may want in there. Online Curtain Fabrics is a great site for affordable curtains, whilst Carpet Right has a huge choice of carpets to choose from.

Have a feature wall – If you want to add something a bit special to the playroom’s décor, then a feature wall is a great idea. You can really let your imagination run wild with this one; you could paint a big mural on the wall of something your children love, maybe a favourite TV program or film, or you could create a chalkboard wall so they can write or draw whatever they want. Chalkboard paint is available from most DIY stores and is easy to apply to your walls.

Have plenty of storage space – It might not get used a huge amount, as most things will end up scattered across the floor, but make sure there’s enough storage space to put all the toys away. This will mean that you (or them if you can convince them) can tidy up and clean the room properly without tripping over and breaking their toys. A big toy box in the corner might be enough in which to store most things, giving them more room in which to play.

Put up pictures your children have made – It’s a pretty simple idea, but one hanging up pictures and artwork that your children have made is a great way of making them feel like the room really is for them. You could set up an easel or drawing desk for them in the playroom and then they can see their work instantly put up on the wall.


Create separate areas within the room  – If the room is big enough then you could separate the room into different sections for different activities. Obviously it doesn’t have to be a strict division but having separate sections of the room will encourage a variety of activities. For example, in one corner you could have all the arts and crafts, in another you could have a ‘quiet area’ for reading, and then you could have a TV and games console in another corner. If you have more than one child then this will also ensure they can all use the room and do different things.

This is a collaborative post from David Ryan.

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