Last week I had the amazing luxury of getting a full body massage, in the comfort of my own living room. So there was none of the normal feeling serene and then having to battle through crowds of people from wherever you had the massage to home, or worse still having to take public transport, and then by the time you get home you’ve lost the relaxed feeling!
Anna arrived laden with massage table, pregnancy pillow & all manner of other things conducive to a successful massage, and set them up swiftly, asked me what kind of symptoms I was experiencing (pregnancy wise, as obviously things are slightly different with a pregnant body!) and asked me to fill out a quick health questionnaire. Once we’d discussed what would happen, Anna started to play some relaxing music on her ipad (which sounded like it had a Gamelan in it, if my ancient music GCSE is anything to go by) and really helped the whole relaxation process. Normally it takes half the length of the massage for me to actually relax enough to enjoy it, but I think because I was in my own home and possibly in more need of a massage than ever before I think it took literally a couple of minutes for me to drift into a serene state!
I was kneaded, stroked and manipulated, getting rid of knots and kinks especially in my painful hip area. The towels were moved to expose the area being worked on but leaving the rest of me warm and not unnecessarily exposed! I was surprised I didn’t get ticklish when it came to the feet but my feet felt amazing afterwards, I think weeks of carrying around extra weight in shoes with not much support had taken its toll!
iLOVE pamper have a full range of therapies available, including hot stone, aromatherapy & Swedish massage, and also do post-baby massages for when you really need a treat! Also available are a range of facial treatments, all with Neals Yard Remedies products, and manicures and pedicures too. The therapists are happy to combine treatments too, so you can really pamper yourself! Anna started up the company because she really wanted to explore her passion for healing, and from the relatively little time I spent with her I could tell that not only does she really love what she does, she’s brilliant at it too, and only chooses her team from people who have the same passion!
I would really recommend a massage when you feel you deserve a treat, so for anyone near Brighton (or visitors!) bookmark their website! Please do go and follow on both twitter & facebook and keep an eye out for special offers!

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