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[pics from Prague, a proper post coming soon]
  • turned 29, depressingly
  • went to Prague
  • Had the 20 week scan, all is good apart from a big head and the fact it had its legs crossed
  • finished watching Dexter, having withdrawal symptoms already
  • got pissed off with the snow
  • had to stop wearing both my favourite pairs of shorts because they don’t fit round the bump
  • got a pregnancy pillow and love it
  • passed the long awaited audit at work, hurrah!
  • booked a week in Cornwall with friends in April
  • Saw Django, it is amazing, go and see it.
  • Read The Sealed Letter (I recommend) & Rachel’s Holiday (don’t recommend, it was free in the iTunes 12 days of Christmas thing and is proper chick lit) and realised I should really write reviews on goodreads, add me?
  • Have enjoyed updating the other blog ‘the realistic mums club’ with pregnancy woes and funny things that have happened/people have said
  • won a Marc B handbag on their facebook page, it’s lovely
  • was given by Sam another perfect handbag by mischa barton (I know what’s in my bag posts are old news now, but I might do one soon!)
  • had an amazing dinner out with Sam on our 2 month wedding anniversary (but it was actually for my birthday) at the Coal Shed, review coming soon!
  • received really lovely birthday presents from two lovely friends made through blogging, Catherine & Zoe 🙂
  • had the flu and was bedridden for a week (even though I had the flu jab, sucks to be me)
  • enjoyed watching Miranda. one of the only things on TV that makes me laugh out loud
  • enjoyed Africa even more, not for hilarity reasons obviously!
  • compiled my 50 random facts, and will try and make a video soon!
  • forgot how much I like spending a little extra time getting ready for a nice night out
  • have discovered music by The Villagers, but also enjoyed listening to a lot of old school Drum n Bass
  • bought a tape dispenser. it’s change my LIFE (And its shaped like an elephant)

4 thoughts on “In January I…

  1. I laughed at the tape dispenser changing your life… Last week I had to use sellotape at my Mum’s and she didn’t have a dispenser. Forgot how much easier they make wrapping presents. Sticking loads of bits of tape to the edge of the table is for losers.

    (And that, by the way, if probably the most boring blog comment I’ve ever written! Lucky you.) xx

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