In which I buy necklaces & make some festive decorations


Orelia – (topshop Oxford Circus ) £10

I saw this and had to have it. I Originally went in looking for a new GoGo Phillip necklace, but nothing on their stands jumped out at me, the current collection was mostly gold, and I much prefer silver. That said, this is a tiny gold chain, with three little hearts on it, gold, rose and silver coloured, It reminds me of my parents wedding rings, which were Russian rings (three interlocking rings with these three colours) Having looked at Orelias website, I’ve discovered that they are based in Brighton, so perhaps that part of the reason why I liked the necklace so much! I have a couple of bracelets that I bought at Topshop last year, and for such a low price the quality is amazing, no going green & no broken clasps!

This one was from Forever 21  and for £3.15 if it does go green I wont be too fussed! the little turquoise stone in the centre is a nice touch! DSC05006
The bracelet on the far right is an early Christmas present from the mothership today! We found it in the North Laine flea market today. The other bracelets are ones I wear all the time,  the 2 on the left  and the 3rd from right were from my godmother, the shell bracelet and the one next to the new one I picked up in South Africa last year when I spent some time there. I do tend to jingle jangle wherever I go but at least I can’t sneak up on people!
Salt Dough decorations!
2 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of water. mix it all together, roll it out (add food colouring if you like!) makes shapes, and leave to dry!
Decorate as you wish! I have started decorating some, so will show you when they look pretty & sparkly and are hung up!
My handmade cards, our tiny little (real!)  tree, and baubles on the stairs!

I think this Mug is amazing. It came from the 99p shop. It is a penguin and I can fit more tea in it than anybody else’s mug at work. It means I have to piddle twice as much as anyone else at work too, but whatevs.

 I really love penguins

If you’ve posted pictures of your decorations please show me!  Who’s your favourite jewellery make/designer?

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  1. OMG I think i like all of your jewellery. You have great taste.. there isnt a single bracelet on your arm that didnt make me go ‘oohhh’ And i like the tattoo!!!!

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