I’ve been meaning to start this series for ages. Now to explain, I’m not ‘arty farty’ (for want of a better term) I couldn’t tell you my favourite artists, or actually if I am honest tell you the last time I went to an art gallery (that’s a lie, it was Feb. ‘11 in Amsterdam, the Van Goph museum, but that was kinda a ‘have to see’) BUT I know what I like, and what I like is normally modern and often graffiti. Living in Brighton means I walk past oodles of ‘quirks of art’ (good pun eh?!?!) just walking to work and back. Almost all those green connection boxes have some kind of graffiti on them, and our council ensures that blank spaces can be used (with permission) for larger works. So anyway, here is post #1 of ‘things I look the look of’


 IMG_1780           Brighton Graffiti            IMG_1887Brighton Graffiti IMG_2117 Brighton Graffiti                     Brighton Graffiti

Brighton Graffiti     Brighton Graffiti     Brighton Graffiti

All of the above can be found in and around Brighton.

5 thoughts on “Quirks of Art #1

  1. love this creativity. Just a shame it’s naughty! Is that Little My from the Moomins I spy?!

  2. oo what a good idea. I love looking at all the illustrations that get wheatpasted around brighton! I look forward to having a nosey at the next one 😉

  3. Lots of beautiful artwork. I love how creative it is and I wish councils would designate a wall in each city so that someone can create beautiful artwork…no doubt the system would be abused, but I hate how taboo it can be when examples like this are beautiful. I hate people who write offensive slogans though…that is not art.

    Beautiful blog 🙂



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