In which I go to dinner AGAIN! (OOTD)

This is what I wore to dinner on Friday with my friend Aaron (who runs Krispy Kreme… endless donuts right there!) We went to Pizza Express (with a voucher) and got given free drinks (his friend works there) AND we ate early so i was home and in my PJ’s lying in the me shaped indent in the sofa by 7.30. Perfect Friday night right there! I took these when I got in… I flung the boots off when I came in, then put them back on for the sake of the pictures. Dedication eh?!
I wore a dress that was easy to fold and shove in my bag as I went out right from work, and the cardigan was what I wore over my smart work dress. Is anyone interested in work outfits…?
The dress is pretty, and the pinkest thing I own, apart from a scarf… Its got pink piping round the neckline in a sort of bib shape…
The boots are from last winter, good old asda! They’re more comfy that my other black wedge boots, as the sole is rubbery and the fleecy bit keeps your ankles toasty. Last year I wore them with white slipper socks which looked nice…
I’ve discovered a place to take photos without the boys assistance! This is the kitchen door, (that’s a list of what’s in the cupboard attached to it!) and if I balance the camera on its side on the hob we’re onto a winner! Do you like my amazing 50’s black and white lino… I reckon its original 50’s actually judging by the state of it! Also, please note the slightly less ridiculous faces today!!
The Boys sister is coming to stay for a few days so I’ve got two days off work to spend with them, so hopefully I’ll get a few more outfits taken, as I reckon next week will be busy one work wise, although this Saturday is a shopping trip with the Amazeballs Sophie, and the Saturday after is the South bloggers meet up in Southampton. Anyone Going?
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One thought on “In which I go to dinner AGAIN! (OOTD)

  1. You do have skinny legs.. in these photos TOO! JEALOUS too much.
    Also, do you like know everybody? the krispy kreme guy? (I’ve never had one!) and a pizza express dude too! ha.
    Love the dress, it’s cute and girly.x

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