In which I go to dinner 2 (OOTD)

All week for dinner I had been eating toast, crumpets or potato cakes. The fridge is bare… call me old mother Hubbard but when I’m ill the last thing I want to do is trek round the supermarket. I could’ve ordered asda home delivery, but no! 2 asos orders and an elf order instead. (In my defence, some of that is Christmas presents, and some has already gone back!)
Anyway, no proper food meant going out for dinner with a few people who work for the same company as me, but not in Brighton. We went off to Strada (after a very very quick drink in a pub where I got ID’d… when will I look old enough to drink!? I’m 27 ffs!) and the boy took pictures before we left. (oh, and ALWAYS check voucher codes before going to any chain restaurant, they had a BOGOF on main courses)
Dress- H&M / floaty pink cardi – H&M / Burgundy fishnets – F21 / Wedge Boots – George@Asda
[excuse the odd shadows and blurry bits, I’m sure you get the gist]

The boots are high wedges, that little bit too high to be comfortable though! The detailing on the dress makes it look like a top beneath a top, with the silver detailing, but its an all in one. It also has mesh triangles from under the arms to the waist, I tried to take a picture but it didn’t come out all that well so you’ll have to use your imagination!detail2 I wear boring black or natural colour tights all week at work, so I like to whip out a bit of colour, these were from forever21, and are a lovely maroony burgundy colour.
 SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAHair was in a bun with flowers (from who knows where?) as when I got up that morning for work it was NOT a good hair day, so up it all went. The cardi, which is a really light pink, with ultra fine sparkly threads running through it. It doesn’t have any fasteny bits, but can be wrapped round for a but of extra warmth!

Coat wise it was cold enough (finally!!) to get out my winter coat again! This was from Zara last winter, and I reckon it’ll get me through this years winter too. It can be a bit on the too warm side though, as it’s a really heavy material. The hood is more fashion that functional, as if there is one gust of wind, you get blown three feet backwards up the pavement because it acts like a sail! Ce la Vie, and it amuses the seagulls I’m sure.

Where’s your winter coat from? Done any online shopping recently?

8 thoughts on “In which I go to dinner 2 (OOTD)

  1. Hope you had a lovely time having dinner. Your coat looks incredibly snug, I love the pattern of it, and the HUGE hood!
    Your hair looks lovely in a bun tooooo xx

  2. love your outfit with that long cardi and adore your warm coat. Don’t fret, I’m 26 and get ID’d allll the time, it’s so insulting.
    Hope you’re well on the mend x

  3. Lovely outfit! Zara is great for coats, I bought one from there three years ago and it’s still got a lot of wear left in it. xx

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